Procrastination Anyone?

I often hear people talking about how much they procrastinate and how much it bothers them.

Quite frankly, I know the feeling. I’ve labeled my own behavior as “procrastination” on many occasions. Now, though, I realize that often it is more about doing the “right” thing than “procrastination”.

What do I mean by the “right” thing? The right thing is that thing you truly need to be doing and truly desire doing.

When you notice yourself procrastinating on your to-do list activities, take a few minutes to consider whether the activities are aligned with your life mission, purpose or vision. Sometimes, we pile things on our to-do list to avoid doing the very things that would bring us the most happiness and satisfaction. Those items we would really like to do often never even end up on the to-do list.

ListInstead, much of what we put on our to-do lists is what we think we “should” be doing instead of what truly fulfills us. The “shoulds” include many activities that others tell us that we “should” be doing. Other “shoulds” are old voices inside of us that drive a need for hyper-cleanliness or hyper-neatness or even ones that tell us that we are only good if we are always “doing” something as compared to “being” something.

I’ve noticed that some of those types of “shoulds” stay on the list the longest. When something’s been on the list for awhile, it’s time to check whether it really needs to be done or whether it is one of those “shoulds”.

Certainly, there are many things we need to do in order to eat, sleep, get to work and to school. While these are also “shoulds”, they do need to be done. Today, I’m talking about the many other things that might be on our lists.

Did you automatically offer to help someone out with something? And, now, you keep looking at it and realizing you really do not want to do it? Maybe, it’s time to let that person know that you over-committed yourself and you need them to find someone else to take care of it. Or, finish it up and promise yourself to stop and take a few hours to decide whether to make that offer to help someone the next time something like it comes up.

Did you read an article that suggested doing something that seemed like a good idea to you? And, now, it’s been on your list a long time? Maybe, it’s time to evaluate whether it is still relevant. Maybe, it’s time to stop and evaluate whether you even want to do it.

Our days are necessarily filled with many types of activities. Take some time this week to decide whether you really need to do them all!