A New Habit?

ideal life vision

I’ve had quite a few questions and comments about the Zen Desk Project post. I thought I’d share another example that is a work in progress to perhaps address some of the questions.

About a month or so ago, I decided that I’d like to restructure my morning routine.

I’d been getting up around 6am, and the morning routine went right into full gear – getting ready, breakfast, feed the dog, walk the dog (not all my tasks, but combined morning stuff needing to get done).

Instead, I wanted to be able to exercise and meditate and vision every morning. In the past, I’d tried doing those things after getting up at 6. My challenge was fitting it all in and still getting into my office before 8am.

ideal life visionI began asking myself a powerful question: “How can I exercise, meditate and vision every morning AND get to work early?” My only activity was ASKING the question, not answering the question.

After a few days, that part of my brain that I liken to an inner administrative assistant quickly answered that question by giving me the idea to use visioning to shift my routine, much like I had used it to create my Zen Desk – which I still have on day 32 – without any “shoulding” or action items or to-do list or willpower.

I starting thinking about the details of exactly what I desired for my morning routine. I decided it would include: wake up at 5am, get up to do 10-15 minutes on the elliptical machine or yoga, spend about 30 minutes of meditation & visioning, and finish with 15 minutes of setting vision for the day and further defining details of my visioned life. Then, into the bathroom at 6am for rest of morning routine.

Once I had the details, I began to tell myself (and see or feel it happening) that I wake up at 5am, do the new routine and arrive in the bathroom for the rest of my usual routine at 6am.

Within a few days, I started waking up between 4:55 and 5:08 every day without an alarm clock!!! And, I’ve been consistently waking up at that time every day.

What I also noticed, was that I would go back to sleep instead of getting up. I realized that I was focusing on “waking up” at 5am when what I REALLY desire is to wake up feeling energized and refreshed and actually GET UP at 5am (as opposed to only seeing myself WAKING UP at 5am).

Yes, I am still working the visioning so that soon I am getting out of bed and doing all the rest of these new things. And, I’m patient, because I KNOW (beyond a shadow of a doubt – just look at the Zen Desk project) that as long as I keep seeing myself getting up and doing these things, it’s going to be happening soon. I have already had the success that I wake up every morning at 5am!!! Now, simply some refinement and continuing the process.

I am patient, because I know that my morning habit is very engrained and depends on the dog and my fiance, too. So, I know that MANY ASPECTS need to shift in order for the desired routine to be an easy thing for me to do every day. I’m patiently visioning as often as I can (many quick little moments throughout the day – in the shower, driving without the radio, doing dishes, walking the dog, etc). In order for my inner admin assistant to address the many aspects that need to be shifted around in order for me to have my desired routine, I need to be patient and keep doing the work of visioning, visioning, visioning, visioning, visioning, visioning……