Getting Bogged Down?

So, you’ve just had this amazing realization (or breakthrough or insight) and you are totally fired up and ready to go for it! Go for “change”, that is.

Then, a few weeks later you realize that you totally forgot to keep doing it (that “new” thing). Whether you decided to shift how you eat, exercise more, meditate more or shift what you talk about, your wonder how you ever forgot to keep doing when you were so excited just a little while ago!

Do you have any “shelf help” books or programs? You know, that workshop you attended that you were so jazzed about and then put the book on your shelf — and that’s where it still sits?

I know this has been me many times in my past.

So, why do we do that? Why do we forget to keep doing that thing we knew would be so good for us?

In Steven Pressfield’s book “The War of Art“, he call this “Resistance”. His book is an easy and funny read. Only, the result of “resistance” is not really that funny!

Resistance is that thing that stops us from changing habits or doing something new. That part of us that says “you know, it feels pretty good right where I am”; “why would I want to change anything”; “I really didn’t need that anyway”; and a long list of other excuses to stay right where we are.

There are strategies to overcome resistance and keep moving. One approach is the Nike approach–Just Do It–meaning that when you notice that you are drifting away from the new pattern shift into gear and just do it, anyway, no matter if it feels a bit uncomfortable.

A discovery I made a while back is that visioning strategies help us overcome resistance, too. Visioning strategies include things like a vision board, a mind movie, incantations and the theater of the mind. The reason that these visioning strategies work so well is that they convince your subconscious mind that you are ALREADY living the new thing which circumvents resistance. It’s a bit magical, really.

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