Better Than the Rest

Winter in Michigan, with snow on the ground, prompts me to “go inside” for a closer look at what the past year brought and at what I’d like to bring in to 2014.

It’s been an exciting time and this year promises even more excitement and opportunity. You can decide what 2014 is going to be for you. Are you going to shift and create something different and better?

You can make 2014 better than the rest. One powerful tool for this is one of my favorites – visioning!

Creating a vision for your life is critical to creating your success. It’s the first step in creating just about everything that’s ever been created and ever will be created.

The Vision Exercise gives you the opportunity to get clear on how you’d like your life to look.

If you are feeling like your life is running away from you — either too busy or not happy enough, then do yourself the favor of focusing on how you’d like your life to look.

Defining your awesome life and then setting your vision onto it are the first steps to creating your desired, awesome life.

Defining your awesome life includes deciding the quality of experience you’d like to have as well as the “things” you’d like to have. Some examples are:

  • calm and effective
  • fun and filled with laughter
  • love-filled life
  • specific, higher income
  • specific model of car
  • constant, consistent gratitude
  • happy

Setting your vision onto it includes a variety of visioning strategies. Some examples are:

  • vision board
  • mind movies
  • affirmations
  • acting as if it’s already true
  • choosing different thoughts
  • using different words

By spending time clarifying your vision, you are setting yourself up for success. Use visioning to make 2014 better than the rest.

Coach’s Challenge:

Make 2014 the year you actively and habitually use visioning.

Join me for the all-new Set Your Sights visioning workshop.

  • Discover beginning visioning strategies
  • Create your own vision board (certain supplies provided)
  • Work on your Mind Movie
  • Unique format, one-of-a-kind event
  • Saturday, 2/1/14
  • 9:00 am to Noon
  • Early-bird price $26 through 1/26
  • Regular price $35
  • Plainwell, MI
  • Contact me to register

Suggested Resource:

This week, I’d like you to spend some quiet time — just you and your thoughts — and focus on what you’ve done well this past year and what you’d like to improve in 2014.

Your most powerful Resource is right inside of yourself — YOU!