About Karen

Karen; jpeg; 200x250Karen works to inspire and empower people to live their dream life.

Karen began “life” as a research chemist for a major pharmaceutical company in 1986. After completing her massage certification in 1995, she worked in Germany developing a new therapy and leading workshops. Back in the US, she worked as CFO for a million dollar manufacturing company, achieved Reiki Master and CTA Certified Coach. She has been speaking and writing professionally since 1988. Using her proven system, she helps people improve the way they communicate with themselves and achieve their dreams. She knows that success is an inside job.

Her holistic approach helps people break free from recurring, limiting patterns and focus on creating the life they truly desire and deserve. Karen created Your Awesome Life to focus on her passion of helping people live the awesome life they desire.

She coaches both privately and in groups, writes regular blog articles and is a recognized speaker. Everything she does is designed to help people get past what’s holding them back and create the life they’ve always wished to live.

Karen’s motto is:

“When you do what you’ve always done,
you get what you’ve always gotten.
When you want something different,
do something different.”

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