Zen Desk Project

Want an easy way to change?

Visioning a “Zen” desk helped me change a long-standing pattern of a mildly, and frustratingly, cluttered desk. Here’s a note I wrote in September 1995… Zen Desk Project

Notice items 1 and 3! Ironically, I found this note while I was sorting some of the papers in one of the 2 stacks of papers to be dealt with on my desk. Apparently, what I’d been doing was ineffective, and I was still dealing with the irritation after 18 years – maybe it’s a clue!

I’ve been applying visioning to larger aspects of my life and business. So, I decided to practice visioning to create a smaller change – my “Zen” desk. Here’s what I did:

  • Wrote details of what was going to be on my desk
  • Wrote details of what had to get off my desk
  • Created mental image of exactly my desk and what it looks like with the above changes
  • Imagined my “Zen” desk often throughout the day – even waiting at a stop light or while brushing my teeth or in the shower – only a few minutes at a time
  • Thought regularly about what was going to be on my desk & what had to go

About 5 days later, I noticed that I was in the middle of taking the things off my desk that had to go. The 3-stack file tray was the first to go. It now has a home in my supply closet. The papers in it are now divided into 2 stacks – “to do” and “to file” – or already in file folders. Then, the stack of notes and reminders sitting under my monitor went into the “to do” stack. The copy holder went into the supply closet and is going to come out only when it is needed. The stack of papers “to do” sitting on the left side of the desk went into the “to do” stack. Much of the stack of papers from the file tray went into the recycling bin.

Then, I took a little pile of little blue star stickers that someone sent me in a card some years back and placed them on the upper left corner of my desk along with a few prosperity crystals, a prosperity card, a promotional product with my 7 Dirty Words presentation on it from a recent presentation, and a few pennies for luck. The gift cards someone sent me are there, too, reminding me to think of plenty instead of lack. A few uplifting notes on my monitor and my productivity kitchen timer complete the decor. Here’s what it looks like now – note how much lovely, open space there is! Soul-satisfying…

Zen Desk Project

Today, I’m on Day 11, and the desk is still exactly as I visioned it.

And, the best thing about it is how easy it was. I never berated myself; I didn’t “make” myself clean my desk; I simply found myself doing it; and I had fun! How many times have you had fun clearing your desk!?

Now, the reason I’m sharing this with you is for you to understand – with a simple and quick example – how easy visioning is. It can be simple and quick and only require a few minutes each day. And, the best part is that it helped me accomplish something that eluded me for at least 18 years.


Coach’s Challenge

If I can do this, so can you. Now, you may wish to shift something besides your desk. Great! Follow the steps I outlined above. Pick something small and simple to begin with. Once you have the process down and have experienced the fun of shifting it and the satisfaction of a job “well done”, I guarantee you are going to want to do this for many other aspects of your life!

Ready – Set – Go!