WII-FM: What’s In It For Me?

It’s been called the most popular radio station — WII-FM – What’s in it for me.

This is what your prospect is thinking when she reads your list of services or your ad.

How well does your ad copy answer that? Are you playing her song?


Can you tell how each of these is off-key — definitely playing the wrong song?

  • Full-service salon and spa
  • Offering cut and color
  • Bringing you the best in hair color
  • Luxury services such as massage, hot stone treatment and salt glow

While these may accurately describe what you offer, each of them is missing the key ingredient to being music to your prospect’s ear. Your prospect needs to immediately understand what’s in it for them to become your client. What good is a full-service salon or spa to them? How does it help them that you have the best in hair color? Luxury sounds expensive — what special “something” does your massage offer her as compared to the place down the street?

Start talking about what pains and problems you solve, and all of a sudden, you are music to their ears! You can talk about what you do until you’re blue in the face and still have empty treatment rooms.

Want to fill those chairs and treatment rooms? Then, start singing her song! What do you think of this one taken from the menu of The Spa at Trump® in Chicago?

Body Mud Infusion – Soothe sore muscles and release stress on the body with this decadent treatment. The experience begins by applying a therapeutic mud over the entire body to cleanse the skin and detoxify the muscles. A purifying shower washes away the mud, along with stressful tension and a balancing massage promotes circulation and deep relaxation.

It sure makes me think about it as I sit here at the computer writing this article! 😉

Coach’s Challenge:

This week, sit down for a few minutes to look over your list of services. Relax and put yourself into your favorite client’s shoes. Read your services and take a moment with each one to evaluate whether it describes what you do OR describes what’s in it for your client.

Suggested Resource:

Surf around the net and look at other businesses that do what you do. Read their websites and their list of services. Take notes on what you love and what turns you off. Consider making even a small improvement to your materials — remember that every mile run is made up of a series of individual steps.