Where Did They Go…

Have you ever stopped to look back and notice how many people have wandered into and out of your life?

The only thing that is constant is change. – Heraclitus

With lives that change more than they stay the same, people join us on our path and people leave our path. They are with us sometimes for a long time, sometimes for a short time.

Paths CrossingI’ve seen people spend much life energy grieving over those that have left. We have a choice. We can either rejoice at the beauty of the journey we enjoyed together, or we can grieve over the loss of what was. Certainly, depending on the the type and length of relationship, appropriate grieving processes are important. At some point, though, we need to move forward.

As I look back, I prefer to rejoice in the beauty of what was and recognize the growth and value that I have, now, as a result of having had that relationship. And, use the learning to look to what is now and see the beauty it holds.

And, know that the only constant in life is change. Look at those around you, now, and how they enhance and nurture your current path.

What flowers are blossoming right next to your path?

Are there flowers that you have yet to notice, in other words, relationships that are currently nurturing you and bringing your advancement? Are there flowers that are past their prime, in other words, relationships that no longer bring you joy or bring you toward your awesome life?

I’ve often looked back over my life and noticed that it looks like a beautiful fabric. Each fiber represents someone in my life and circumstances in my life. There are fibers, people, that run right along side of mine for a time. Some of them them curve off to join another section of the fabric of all life. Some stay around a long time. Whatever their paths relative to mine, the fabric of my life is beautiful, because they have been a part of the weave.

Even the “dark” fibers that were challenging add to the beauty of the fabric. Having traveled in the dark for periods of time helps me to enjoy the light times even more. My experience has convinced me that the light always comes again, no matter how dark it gets. That is, unless we choose to stay in the dark and take detours and back-track into dark times.

Perhaps we may not choose the people that cross our paths and journey with us for a time, and, yet, we do choose how we see them and how we allow them to be in our lives. And, at various points in our path, we get to choose whether we continue alongside of them or whether we veer off from them.

Recognize that you get to choose and take up your power to do so.

Nurture those flowers that add beauty to your awesome life. Dig up those whose time is past, pull out all the roots, and add them to the compost pile to create new soil for future flowers. Your compost pile is where you process the grief and transform that relationship’s experiences into new soil.

Coach’s Challenge

Take some time this week to inspect some of your relationships. Are they still bringing you joy and advancement? Are there any that you would prefer to stop watering and caring for, because they no longer serve you?

Once you’ve looked at them, take at least one action to add more nourishment to those that you enjoy. When you redirect which relationships you feed, the others can simply shift on their own. When necessary, remember to process the relationship in order to create that new soil to nurture another relationship.

Enjoy your flowers!