What the World Needs Now – and You, Too

This morning, the song title keeps running around in my mind “What the World Needs Now is Love”. In case you need a reminder, here are the most memorable lines:

“What the world needs now is love, sweet love
It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of..”
– lyrics by Hal David

The reason I keep thinking about it comes from my belief that our actions, and thoughts, come from a place of either love or fear.

When we act out of fear, the result is usually something unpleasant, such as sadness, meanness, violence, separation, prejudice, etc., just about everything you can think of that is negative. The root of each of these is some variation of a fear.

When we act out of a place of love, the result is at least pleasant and sometimes miraculous. Give a child that is hurt and crying a little love, and you see right before your eyes a miraculous transformation. The same is true when I talk with a friend or client in need, some painful experience; a little loving encouragement and redirection works a miracle in their mood, tone of voice and expression.

Love is like water for parched plants. I have a tendency to wait a little too long when my houseplants need watering. And, when they get the water — finally — the soil and the plant drink it up so fast it is quite amazing. Within sometimes even an hour, the plant goes from a slight droop to standing straight and tall. Give a person the love they need and watch them transform even more quickly.

The love available for us to use and share is overflowing and forever continuing. Have you ever noticed that just when you think maybe you’ve run out of love in your heart, a friend or even a stranger gives you some of theirs. Before you realize it, you have some more welling up from within your own heart.

When we share love, it seems to multiply. Please share some today.

Coach’s Challenge:

Share some love with someone this week. I’m certain you can find someone that’s down or challenged in some way that would truly benefit from your gift. Then, tell them that the only thanks you need is for them to pay it forward the next time they are able to.

Suggested Resource:

Here are various recordings of “What the World Needs Now is Love” available on Amazon performed by various artists. May love fill your days.