What If

Manifesting Change by Mike Dooley

What if you COULD have the life you really want?

Let’s setup an imaginary world for a few minutes. First, in this world, thoughts become things. All you need to do is to think something long enough with commitment and desire and eventually it becomes your reality. In this world, the life you are living right now IS the reality that you were thinking about in the past–come true as the life you’re living now. In this world, you CAN have everything that you really want–assuming you want it strongly enough to do the thinking to bring it to life.

Can you imagine living in this imaginary world? A world where literally EVERY THING you think strongly about becomes real…

If you lived in this world, what do you think it would feel like? What would you spend your time thinking about? How carefully would you monitor your thoughts? What kind of thoughts would you let yourself think? How much effort would you put into controlling your thoughts?

If you KNEW beyond a shadow of a doubt, that your thoughts become your reality, what would you be thinking about? Would you dare spend any time thinking like this:

  • I’ll never get that done.
  • I can’t afford that.
  • Can this day get any worse?
  • I always make that mistake.
  • I am the world’s worst speller.
  • I am always late.
  • Why is life so hard?
  • I just cannot lose weight.
  • I am so fat.
  • It’s impossible for me to get all this done.
  • That shot is impossible!

Most certainly NOT! You’d be passionate about thinking thoughts like this, instead:

  • I always get everything done that needs doing.
  • I can easily afford everything I would like to have.
  • Can this day get any better!?
  • I always get things right.
  • I always spell words correctly.
  • I am always on time!
  • Why is life so easy!? I love how easy life is.
  • It is so easy to maintain the perfect body.
  • I am the perfect weight. And I am beautiful!
  • I easily get everything done that needs doing.
  • I always make the most difficult shots. It is easy.

Guess what!? This imaginary world I’ve described for you is THIS world. Those are the rules of THIS world–the one you live in every day, every minute.

Which set of thoughts and phrases are you going to choose?

Suggested Resource

In case you’d like to read some evidence of how thoughts become things, you might like Mike Dooley’s book “Manifesting Change: It Couldn’t Be Easier” available in my Amazon store or your library exchange–also as an audio-book.

Manifesting Change by Mike Dooley