What Can Be Better Than This?

The other day, I was chatting with a few friends. We were discussing energy healing methods. This question “What can be better than this?” was mentioned. What if we lived our life in this Question? What would change?

I was thinking more about it as I was driving home from the discussion group. So often, we live our life in the Answer. In other words, we think we already know what life is about. To feel secure, we create an entire life full of “boxes” into which we categorize each aspect of life. Everything from thinking we know what a person is like based on their appearance to what kinds of ethnic foods we like (or not) is categorized into neat little compartments. Often, we even label them “Jerks”, “Good People”, “Indian Food is Nasty”, etc. This way, we can quickly and easily make a decision about something. It makes us feel secure and safe.

Feeling secure and safe means being in our comfort zone. Stepping out of our comfort zone is quite frankly “uncomfortable”!

And, yet, by definition, when we are in our comfort zone, we are only going to get results just like the results we have gotten so far! There is no way to get different results when we continue to live our life from inside our comfort zone. If we want different results, we need to step outside of our existing comfort zone. Luckily, when we have successfully stepped outside of it, we have also just expanded our comfort zone to include this new set of actions. Yay! That’s a good thing.

By making a simple choice to live our life in the Question “What can be better than this?”, we set our subconscious and Higher Self on the task of finding opportunities that can lead us into a life that is “better than this”! Watch out — this could get interesting!

I call it a “simple” choice. However, the most “simple” things are often the most difficult to put into action. You might wonder how to live in this question.

Imagine that Frankie’s sitting at his desk. He’s staring at the phone knowing that he needs to call a list of vendors to find a replacement for his best-selling product that was just discontinued by the manufacturer. He knows that it’s going to take a long time and be frustrating — and he has a stack of personnel reviews he has to finish by the end of the week. To live in the Question still leaves all that work that needs to be done. However, when he begins to ask the question repeatedly in his mind “What can be better than this?”, something inside begins to shift. At first, it’s only a glimpse of wondering. After repeating the question more often, though, there comes an excitement of “Yes! There is something better (and easier) than this!” For now, the experience is the same. And, yet, by opening his mind to possibilities, he can begin to approach his tasks with a different attitude. An attitude of possibility. Once he has changed his attitude, the entire world around him begins to change.

I can hear some of you, already, saying how can that change his entire world!? On a very simple physical level, our attitude affects our posture, tone of voice, facial expression, energy level, etc. You know that you can tell what mood someone else is in simply by looking at them from across the room. When you’ve figured out that they are angry, you are going to interact with them in a specific way — most likely a different way than if you can tell that they’re happy and excited. That’s how Frankie’s world changes — his new attitude shows other people that they can approach him in a new way. Then, new results happen for Frankie. And, that’s just the physical level. There’s is so much more that changes for him when he adopts a new attitude — one of possibility. His own mind becomes more creative — new solutions appear that were hidden before. They were hidden because he was living in the Answer — already knowing (that is THINKING that he knew) that only certain results were possible.

Start living in the Question, and report back to us what new experiences you have!

Coach’s Challenge:

Begin to focus on asking this question “What can be better than this?” for everything you do and every situation you are in. Ask yourself — ask others if you’re in a meeting. Help others to also live in the attitude of possibility. Let us know what you experience!

Suggested Resource:

As you begin to live in the possibility, you might enjoy using journaling to move even further. Check out “Journalution” by Sandy Grason in my Amazon store or your library. In Michigan, there is a wonderful system called MeLCat which allows you to request books from any library in the state. The book is then sent to your local library where you pick it up. You return it to your local library. All of this is costs you no cash. Call your local library to ask for info on getting your library card setup for the program.