What are You Growing?

So many folks are talking about Spring — from spring cleaning, yard cleanup, clearing clutter to new landscaping. It occurs to me that often we focus so much on cleaning and clearing and much less on what seeds we’re planting and nurturing.

Spring energy gets us going and motivates in a way that winter does not.

I noticed this morning that I had a lot of energy and felt really ready to get to work. What I also noticed was that I had a hankering to do some cleaning and organizing — which I did — and then the time block I had scheduled for an important task that can grow my business had evaporated in the cleaning mode. Then, I remembered how many times that pattern has repeated itself in my past.

I started thinking about last week’s article in which I wrote about the importance of becoming aware of our life vision and then stay focused on it. Besides spring cleaning, how many other activities in this new energy time are keeping us distracted from focusing on what we could grow with the new energy available to us in Spring?

Spring energy is also a time for speedy and fabulous growth. I just noticed that the chives we have growing in a pot on the deck have grown to about double their size in just the last 2 days — about 4 inches in just 2 days. That is fast!

How quick might I make progress toward my vision when I apply the Spring growth spurt energy to really feeling and growing my life vision?

I’m planning on giving it a go! How about you?

Coach’s Challenge:

See how quickly you can finish your cleanup tasks so that you have time left over to apply that Spring energy toward your vision! Better yet, schedule 15 minutes of visioning time at the beginning of your day! That way you can make sure you’re growing in the right direction!

Here are a few tips from last week’s article. You might want to go back and read it to get the rest of the tips.

  • Vision Board – there are several ways to create one (cut out magazine images, text, words, internet images and paste on a poster; use the PhotoStore in SendOutCards to create one and have it printed and sent to you; create a custom card in SendOutCards that you mail to yourself like a note from the Universe; create one using PhotoShop or other editing software and print it) – then keep it in your workspace or somewhere you can see it often
  • Daily Visioning – spend about 15 minutes each day imagining and further defining your vision
  • Create a Mind Movie – close your eyes and imagine that you’re sitting in a movie theater; imagine that the movie playing on the screen is a movie of your vision – your ideal life; add as much detail as you can to the movie to make it even more real

Suggested Resource:

Have you seen a “mind movie”? Here is a diverse selection of them. While the site is selling a program with which you can create your own, the movies in this library are sure to give you both an idea of what a mind movie is as well as some ideas of what you might like to have in your own mind movie.