Too Big for Your Britches?

Usually, when someone tells us “you’re too big for your britches”, they’re saying we’re conceited or acting above our position in life or business.

I think that we all need to think and act bigger than our current britches. Here’s something that caught my attention:

“The man who is certain to advance is the one who is too big for his place, and who has clear concept of what he wants to be; who knows that he can become what he wants to be, and who is determined to BE what he wants to be.” – Wallace Wattles in “The Science of Getting Rich”

It’s pretty clear that in order to move into something bigger or better than what you have, you need to begin to believe and create the space for the “bigger better thing”. In other words, create the space for it in your beliefs and in your life even before you have it.

In “The Secret“, we hear a story about a woman that wanted to attract a man into her life. She realized one day that she parked in the middle of the garage, had her closet busting full of clothes and slept in the middle of the bed. She was living her life as one who lives alone. Once she began to create the space for a partner, she met the man she later married. She created the space by parking on one side of the garage, clearing half the closet and sleeping on one side of the bed.

How often have you heard someone who is looking for financial prosperity maintain that they “don’t have enough money”? By continuing to affirm their lack, they keep themselves focused on the lack. Once they create the space in their beliefs and life for prosperity, their life begins to change.

Does it change right away?

That depends on how much dedication you put into affirming the larger vision and the possibilities instead of continuing to affirm the lack. Stating the possibility once in a blue moon has very little impact on a long-held belief. The long-held belief is a habit that you’ve created. Make the commitment to create a new habit of thinking and acting bigger than your britches. Then, watch out! It’s coming!

Does it take a long time?

Avoid those who tell you that it is going to take a long time and lots of hard work. Some things have changed in an instant. There are so many stories of instant healing from long-time suffering. Some of those have happened at my hands, so I have real-life examples that help me believe that healing and change can happen in an instant or at least quickly. Other times, yes, it does take longer. The beauty of knowing that it can happen in an instant is that we can be open to that possibility instead of being convinced it has to be hard work and take a long time.

Know that it takes whatever it takes — sometimes a short time and sometimes longer. Whichever it is, the change can only happen once we begin to do some things differently.

Best to begin visualizing the “bigger better thing” right now!

Coach’s Challenge:

Take a look at your current “britches”. And, no, not your pant size! I mean the current state of your life. What one thing in your life would you like to shift, right now? Take a good look at it and decide now what the “bigger better thing” is that you’d like instead. Hold fast to the vision of it, and visualize it daily.

Suggested Resource:

When you’re ready to shift into a higher gear, you might get value from the book by Wallace Wattles. I’ve found a link to an eBook here for free (no email signup necessary).

“The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace Wattles