Tony Robbins on What You Can Achieve

Do you ever wonder why others don’t do what you ask? Or why YOU don’t do something even though you know you “should” so that you get better results?

One of my friends, Todd R. Garland, posted a video on Facebook, recently. The video is a discussion between Tony Robbins, Frank Kern and John Reese. Frank and John came to Tony with a question about what keeps people from acting on and using the products that they have purchased. Some people take the products and rock and others take the products and do nothing. What’s the difference?

I’m going to let Tony describe it himself.

As I was watching this, my thoughts went to “what keeps you from acting on what you think is good for you”. Watch this and think about it.

Before you watch, make sure that you can stand up with enough space around you to turn in a circle with your arm stretched out. Then, when Tony directs Frank and John to do an experiment, you do it, too! It’s phenomenal and fascinating. It can change your world.

Remember – do Tony’s experiment as you watch the video below.

Do you see how you can produce the certainty that something is going to work even though the outside world has yet to give you results? I hope that you gained some insight into how you can shift to a place of certainty inside of yourself so that you can achieve your goals. Perhaps, you can help others get to a place of certainty within themselves about what they can contribute to ensure their success.

I’ve created a picture of Tony’s “4 boxes” that you can print for your own use, here.

Change your beliefs and watch your potential turn into action that brings you awesome results!

Coach’s Challenge:

After you’ve watched the video, take some time to reflect on how closely your results match what you really desire in your life. In any area where your results are less than you’d prefer, use resources such as Tony’s incantations to change your beliefs so that you can get different results. When you’ve worked on some of that for yourself, perhaps others might get value when you share these same resources with them. What would your life be like if you reached all of your success objectives? You might be amazed at the results when everyone is achieving their best.

Watch this video again whenever you need to be reminded of how to achieve more.

Suggested Resource:

Check out any of Tony Robbins’ videos on YouTube. His book “Unlimited Power”  is also fabulous which you can get through my Amazon store or check out at your local library.