Stop! Wait!

Just when you’ve decided to do something different… Wham! You get stopped in your tracks.

You’ve likely heard talk about your comfort zone — the places and situations in your life where you feel most comfortable. Most likely, like that comfy chair in the living room, it’s familiar and well-used. You can relax there. You know the scenery and what to expect. As that t-shirt says, “It’s OK; they know me here.” You can describe what it looks and feels like in great detail.

Along comes something new — a new idea, a new way to get fit, or ……….. Whatever it is, it’s new and different.

Whoa! After just a short time in the New Now, or the idea of the New Now, everything comes screeching to a halt!

Wait, I can’t do that; I have a manicure appointment. No, not now; my Dad called and needs my help. Stop that; you’re rocking the boat.

Do you recognize the inner resistance and the many faces it can take — illness, scheduling conflicts, 2 steps backwards?

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Neale Donald WalschAnd, guess what? Inner resistance can actually be good for you — when it’s used as one tool in decision-making. It keeps us safe. It says, wait, step back from the cliff. And, if there really is a cliff, you might want to listen! And, when it just looks like a cliff, you listen and then use the information to make a conscious choice about your next action.

And, conscious is the important word in that last sentence “conscious” choice.

You’ve likely heard me say that when you desire something different, you need to do something different — or differently.

And, doing something different is outside of that comfort zone I mentioned earlier. Whoa! That’s uncomfortable! Are you really, really sure that you really want to go there? It’s dark and scary with things that go bump in the dark. Sure it’s dark. You still need to shine the light over there!!!

When you’re really ready to do something different, be prepared for inner resistance. Know that it might show up. Prepare for the reality that you may have to find a creative way around that inner resistance and its obstacles. And, let it be a good thing. It can test your resolve. It can make you desire that “something different” even more strongly than when you started.

And, importantly, know that once you’ve stepped into the expanded “comfort zone”, it is quickly going to feel just as comfy as the one you just left (or expanded). Before you know it, this couch is going to feel just as homey as the one you left behind.

Guess what!? Before too long, you are going to expand that comfort zone, again. And again, and again, and again, until you’re done on the planet. That is, assuming that you desire more happiness or something different.

The only thing that is constant is change. – Heraclitus