Wait! Stop that Thought!

Are you a positive person, and, yet, find yourself in a slump, lately?

Do you ever catch yourself replaying a thought or situation over and over in your mind?

In the last year, I have heard a number of business owners talking about the challenges and problems they have had. Are these challenging times? Yes! Are you able to create solutions for change by continuing to focus on the problem? No!

In the world of mind-power, you hear that you get more of what you think about. I agree. And, whether or not focusing on the problems creates more problems is irrelevant! When you continually focus on the problems, there is no mental energy given to a solution. That’s the “real problem”.

One of my friends is an electrician. His tagline is that “there are no problems, only solutions”. He refuses to think of situations as problems. Instead, he chooses to look at a situation as an opportunity to look for a solution. Guess what? His business is growing by leaps and bounds every year for 3 years running. His first quarter sales in 2011 were far greater than even the “big goal” that he set for his business this year. Do you think that there might be a connection between his thinking/attitude and his results? I do!

I know several people who consider themselves upbeat and positive people. Others would even agree with them. When they are in a slump, it is usually because they have gotten into the habit of talking just like everyone else does–bad news, negativity, problems, disasters, scandals, etc. How can you possibly be upbeat and happy when all you are talking about is bad news?!

STOP! Stop talking like everyone else is. Stop talking about the bad weather, the bad news, the “idiot” cashier at the grocery store, the slump your business is in, the demanding client, and the bad economy. Stop! Stop! Stop!

The biggest favor you can do for yourself and your business is to stop your “habitual speak”–the things you always talk about.

Instead, pause for a moment before you speak. Listen to what you are about to say. Here is one of my favorite quotes for you to think about.

Before you speak,
ask yourself,
is it kind,
is it necessary,
is it true,
does it improve on the silence?

– Sai Baba

The next thing to think about before you speak is whether what you are about to say is bringing you forward to your goal or closer to a solution. Only speak when you have formulated the “right” statement. In this case, “right” means a statement that meets the criteria I just mentioned.

I can hear some of you thinking that it could take a long time to have a conversation with someone else or in your own mind. Yes, it takes some time to get used to speaking the “right” words. Once you are used to it, though, it is just as fast as speaking words that take you back or down. Which way do you want to go–forward or backward? In every moment, with every word, you make the choice to move forward or stay stuck. Choose wisely!

Coach’s Challenge:

Take 5 minutes at least 3 times this week to do this simple exercise.

  1. Grab your pen/pencil and a piece of paper or notebook and a timer
  2. Set your timer for 5 minutes
  3. Listen to your thoughts
  4. Write down every thought you have for the next 5 minutes
  5. Make sure to be honest with yourself (you are the only one who has to see these notes!)
  6. After you have done this 3 times, read what you are thinking about
  7. Do you like the thoughts you had?
  8. If you want different thoughts, read the article again and practicing stopping before you speak and using the “right” words

“If you do what you’ve always done, you get what you’ve always gotten.

If you want something different, do something different.”

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