Need a Speaker?

Need a Speaker?

Karen’s presentation style is warm, insightful and information-packed. Her approach is direct and encouraging. She helps people commit to changes that help them create the life they really want. Karen guides her audiences to neutralize failure and pave the way to sustained success.

She helps them discover an inspiring vision for their life that helps them actually live that life. Karen shares practical techniques to move through obstacles that stop us in our tracks so that we can live our purpose “on purpose”.

Karen shows audiences exactly how to make things happen. The following personal motto is exactly what she teaches your organization:

“When you do what you’ve always done,
you get what you’ve always gotten.
When you want something different,
do something different.”

Karen presents to both small and large groups. She offers keynotes, seminars and workshops. Karen delivers programs that have you and your audience engaged, inspired and asking for more!

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Karen Vogelmann works to inspire and empower people. She helps them get out of their own way and live the life they truly desire.