Is Someone Raining on Your Parade?

Tulip in Rain

Recently, I was talking with a friend who has a salon that she’s expanding. She was sharing some of the challenges that have showed up as she’s been working with contractors, city officials, etc.

She commented that the hardest thing was how draining it was on her energy, her spirit and her excitement for her project. She had a vision for what she wanted to create, and people and events around her kept raining on her parade.

Tulip in RainWhat struck me the most was how the challenges dampened her excitement. After all, it’s the excitement and passion that give us the energy to keep moving forward. Without those, the work turns into a grind that can bring it all to a stop!

When we’re working on progress and growing the business, the last thing we need is extra obstacles in our way.

However, our attitude about the obstacles is more important than the obstacles themselves — even if the obstacles are other people.

Imagine that you’re playing a game where you are going to be paid for each obstacle that you overcome. You would look for as many obstacles to overcome as you could — you’d view the obstacle as something desirable. Instead, now imagine that the reward is for whoever gets to the finish line first. Now, you’d want to avoid the obstacles and take the shortest path to the finish line — the obstacles are now annoying. The obstacle is only a negative if you turn it into one.

Remember to step back and look at the forest occasionally. When you spend all your time focused on the individual trees – which one is dying of ash-borer disease or which seedling is being crowded out — that’s all you see. As often as possible, you need to step back and look at the forest and imagine what you desire to create.

One reason it is so important to stay focused on the bigger picture is because the vision is what inspires and brings the excitement back. Each time the excitement goes away, step back and re-examine and further define your vision. The resulting passion is what gives you the energy to glide over those hurdles in your way — even the people who seem to be doing everything they can to stop your success.

When you step back and look at the forest — the bigger picture — notice how much smaller and less significant the obstacles are. They shrink!!! How cool is that!?

Coach’s Challenge:

Who’s raining on your parade right now? Here is an exercise you can do to pass them right on by.

  1. Write down the person’s name and exactly what they’re doing to get in your way.
  2. Next, close your eyes (after you finish reading the instructions, of course!).
  3. See that person standing right in front of you in full size with a paper taped to their chest describing how they are blocking you.
  4. Take a moment to make sure that the picture of them is crystal clear.
  5. Now, imagine that you are stepping back and up away from them. You begin to see more of what is surrounding this person. You start to see what you’d like to create in your life and business showing up right behind and around them. They are powerless to stop your vision.
  6. As you continue to step backward, they naturally become smaller and smaller — as if you were Zooming Out from them. Pretty soon, you can see them as a small person and can barely tell that there is a note taped to their chest. The note is so small that it is merely a dot. They continue to become smaller and smaller until you can barely even see them.
  7. Look around them and see your vision shining brightly, clearly and in extreme detail. You can see every detail enveloped in a vibrant glow.
  8. Continue to soak in each detail and see everything glowing even more brightly.
  9. When you’re ready, you can open your eyes and notice how much easier and lighter you feel.
  10. Voila!

Practice this every time you begin to feel overwhelmed by something or someone that seems to be blocking you. I guarantee that you are going to be pleased at how much easier it is to get through any obstacle or any person in your way — with grace, ease and integrity.

Suggested Resource:

I suggest that you take the time to do the exercise above and see how you feel. If you’re someone who prefers to listen to instructions, this recording guides you through the process. It takes only about 8 minutes! Give it a try.