Shift Happens – maybe…

So you really want to have more or have something different…

Oops, wait, can that shift happen?

Your current mindset will do EVERY thing it possibly can to keep its current world. It fears losing its identity. The “it” is the ego. It’s in all of us. And, in our current world, we need it. It keeps us safe and makes us take care.

Paradigm ShiftThat’s why I say the shift may happen — or may not. It depends on how you go about it.

You can change. You can shift.

Just like the book title, it’s called Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.

When you let fear keep you from trying something new or expanding your options… When you let fear keep you from shifting perspectives and changing consciousness… That’s what stops the shift.

The shift can include anything:

  • being more confident
  • standing strong for your own needs
  • loving yourself
  • connecting with your Higher Power
  • living, breathing and interacting from the love in your heart
  • connecting with others from the place of love
  • creating your world to match your awesome life image
  • raising children who know love, balance and harmony
  • let your imagination run wild…. !

The shift is possible when you make decisions from a new mindset and with a new perspective. The old you with the old mindset is powerless to create the shift. Only a conscious decision to embrace the new can bring true change.

And, yes, the new path may bring with it a new set of challenges. Have you ever encountered any of these?

  • judgments about you (both from within you and from the outside world)
  • other people telling you “it can’t be done”, “it’s impossible”, or “you can’t do that”
  • friends that push back or even leave
  • anxiety
  • falling back into the “old patterns” instead of keeping the new habit
  • jobs or clients that leave
  • one step forward and two steps back

Avoid the temptation to judge yourself or others harshly. Instead, trust in the overall process of shift, knowing that as you remain focused on your awesome life vision, the shift brings changes that assist you in creating the new.

Believe in you. Find sources, and people, who inspire you and help you feel confident. And, find those who hold you steady as change, and fear, rush in — sometimes so quickly that you wonder how to keep up.

Only with a new mindset, can you be creative and find new solutions.

No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it. – Albert Einstein

Inspiration brings confidence and intuitive creation. Desperation causes clinging onto the past and more insecurity in an ever-increasing cycle.

Instead, you must find a way to trust in the process and stay the course of the new perspective. You must continue despite the temptation to slip back. You must restart if you do slip back. When you hear yourself making excuses, you must simply start over, as often and as long as it takes. Be respectful of yourself and your process. Seek out help when and where you need it.

To make it to the other side of the shift, you must keep on keepin’ on.

I promise you that it’s worth it!

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  1. Hi Karen,

    Well I definitely need to make a shift. I enjoyed this article and could really relate to it.


    How is the second class coming along?


    1. Hi Sherral,
      I can relate to you, too. I am also going through shift. I guess most of us get to go through one or more of them in life! 🙂

      I’ll keep you posted on the new MasterMind coaching group.

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