Set Your Sights – Visioning Workshop

Vision Boards – Mind Movies – What’s it all about?!

VisionHave you…

  • read about vision boards and mind movies, only you’ve never gotten started?
  • heard all the talk about visioning and the Law of Attraction and don’t get how it works?
  • wanted to create a vision board only can’t seem to find the time?

This workshop may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Join us for this mini-retreat away from the clamor of daily life.

Join with others to spend a few hours defining your ideal life vision and turning it into a visioning tool that you can use daily. Whether it’s a vision board or a mind movie, come and get it done!

If you’ve been having trouble finding the time or have made more excuses than vision boards, NOW is the time to begin creating the best of your life.

This workshop was awesome! Before coming to Karen’s workshop, I didn’t exactly have a clear picture of what my awesome life looked like. Working with pictures brought out emotions that helped me connect with my innermost feelings of what my awesome life will FEEL like. The visual images have most definitely helped me connect more deeply with what I desire most. I think it is an important part of the process and one that I highly recommend to those that have the desire to get clear on what they want their awesome life to be. I’m very glad I attended the workshop and look forward to future workshops to fine tune my vision. I really enjoyed the warm, safe, comfortable environment and the positive interaction with others!
– Beth Grochowski
Affinity Lending Solutions
Mortgage Specialist and Single Mom

Set Your Sights

  • Discover beginning visioning strategies
  • Create your own vision board (supplies provided)
  • Work on your Mind Movie
  • Write your awesome life story

Check out this unique format and one-of-a-kind event!

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I was hoping to get a changed focus, get some answers and move forward. I was reminded to not let others get in the way and now things are moving again. I liked working in a group on my vision board.
– Gail Turluck
Connective Marketing LLC
Before coming to the workshop, I had a lack of clear direction and was having trouble staying motivated. I was looking for ways to keep my vision clear, positive and attainable. I learned a method of keeping my visions/dreams clear and present. I really liked the opportunity to focus and have time with little distraction. I now feel like I have a clearer direction and can keep my goals in sight!
– Dave Gunnell
Building Contractor and Real Estate Salesperson
I have been through lots of change and not feeling like I have a clear vision. After today, I will focus on what I want and finish creating my vision. The presentation was excellent, and I liked the different exercises demonstrating the techniques to define my vision.
– Terri
Before attending this workshop, I had no direction OR focus on how to get what and where I want to be; I was directionless. I learned that I can change my life at any time and in any way. After today, I will visualize and commit to taking the time to create the life I want and deserve.
– Patti Hilden
Construction Management

I’m still unsure. How can I sample your work to see whether it’s right for me?

First, subscribe (right sidebar of this page) to my free Live Your Awesome Life newsletter. Then, visit my Your Awesome Life blog where I share articles and tips for creating and living your dream life. My articles and tips give you an idea of what I’m about, and you get ideas that you can implement right away. Occasionally, I have teleseminars or group workshops which I announce in my newsletter and the Your Awesome Life blog.

I’m ready to do this for myself, but I have a couple of questions.

Simply contact me via email or call me at 269.978.8386. I’m happy to answer your questions.

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