Ready, Fire, Aim

Winners take Imperfect Action while others are perfecting their plans.
– Kevin Nations

Have you every caught yourself taking “too long” to implement a change, because you are working to get it perfect before showing it to the world?

I know that I have… and sometimes still do…

While I see the benefits and beauty of being what others call a “perfectionist”, I also see the beauty of taking imperfect action.

You’ve heard of “ready, aim, fire”. Have you also heard of “ready, fire, aim”? Sometimes, we are better off firing before we’ve completed our aim. By firing first, we can push ourselves to get going and take care of the details as we go along.

Ready Fire AimNext time you notice that you’re taking longer to complete something than you’d like, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the absolute minimum I REALLY need to press “go” on the project?
  • Am I working for, or waiting for, perfection?
  • How important is this for me? On a scale of 1-10, how important is it?
  • If I rate it above 5, challenge myself to go for it even if it is “not quite ready”.
  • What is the worst thing that can happen if there is a mistake?

In my experience, the most successful projects have been those that I went out with before everything was absolutely ready. The projects were usually ones that came about because someone asked for it or I saw a real need. When I talked to others about it before everything was ready, I found that they were asking for it even though I still had details to work out. Once people were interested, I had to work really quickly and efficiently to make everything happen. And, those were golden moments!

When you want something to get done faster, tell others about it. Once they start asking you for it, you’d better be ready! I guarantee you that you are going to work faster and with more excitement than you have in quite a while.

Happy firing!

Now, get started!

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  1. Karen,
    You are right on with that! Having been a perfectionist for many years I find that I do not have the time to get it all perfect and how much would I miss if i just didn’t forge ahead and work the details as I go along! Thanks for validating that for me!
    See you soon.

    1. Barbara,
      yes, I wrote this as a long-time perfectionist, myself. I’ve found many rewards for taking action right away. And, every time I have, it’s worked out to keep up with the rolling ball! See you soon!

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