Program Your Internal GPS

On Tuesday, I spoke to a group of women about programming their internal GPS. It was a fun evening, and the dinner was great.

There’s a part of your brain that acts much like a GPS. Just like you need to enter the destination into your GPS in order to get where you want to go in your car (well, at least usually — when it works correctly), you can enter a “destination” into your internal GPS in order to create something different in your life.

The biggest difference between the GPS in your car and your internal GPS is that it’s fast and easy to enter a new destination into your car’s GPS. Entering a new destination into your internal GPS takes a bit more effort and persistence.

First, though, what is the “destination” that you enter into your internal GPS? The destination is the vision of what you’d like your life to be.

You must first become clear on what that vision is before you can re-program your internal GPS. The RAS — your internal GPS — already has a destination programmed into it. Your current life and the outcomes that you expect are the current program in your internal GPS.

When you do what you’ve always done, you get what you’ve always gotten. When you want something different, then do something different — or differently.

When you’re ready to be in a different place than where you currently are, then you have some work to do.

Define your vision. Use the Vision Exercise I’ve already written about (check the Coach’s Challenge section).

Then, you must practice your vision — something I call Visioning. Here are a few ideas I shared in my talk. You might have others, too, Please share your ideas in the comments, below.

  • Vision Board – there are several ways to create one (cut out magazine images, text, words, internet images and paste on a poster; use the PhotoStore in SendOutCards to create one and have it printed and sent to you; create a custom card in SendOutCards that you mail to yourself like a note from the Universe; create one using PhotoShop or other editing software and print it) – then keep it in your workspace or somewhere you can see it often
  • Daily Visioning – spend about 15 minutes each day imagining and further defining your vision
  • Create a Mind Movie – close your eyes and imagine that you’re sitting in a movie theater; imagine that the movie playing on the screen is a movie of your vision – your ideal life; add as much detail as you can to the movie to make it even more real

The more power you give your vision, the more likely it is that your RAS/GPS is going to take it seriously. If you only think about it a few times a year, the RAS is going to rank it pretty unimportant and give it a low priority. Instead, when you think of it daily, your RAS/GPS is going to rank it much higher and give it a higher priority. That’s why daily visioning is so important. Other ways to amp up the power of your vision:

  • Make it visual – print it out and place it where you see it often
  • Create your own video using video editing software (Windows usually includes a video editing program; many inexpensive options are available, too)
  • Give it LOTS of detail – each day as you imagine your vision, give it more detail
  • Imagine using all of your senses as you do your visioning work — what can you taste, smell, touch, hear in addition to what you see
  • Remember to include emotions in your visioning work — how you feel when you have what you’d like is powerful

Powerful visions create powerful results. Are you ready?

Coach’s Challenge:

Pick at least one of the strategies I’ve described above to apply to your vision. Work to create one new habit (takes about 21-28 days) and watch how your life improves!

Suggested Resource:

If you need help findingĀ  your vision, you might enjoy this book available in my Amazon store or your local library.

Finding Your Own North Star: Claiming the Life You Were Meant to Live by Martha Beck