Are You Plugged In?

Later this month, I am leading a workshop on growing a heart-centered practice to help practitioners serve more clients. As I’m preparing, I am feeling the experience of how important it is to be “plugged in”. When I am “plugged in” to the flow of all that is good, I feel peaceful and energized at the same time. It feels almost literally plugged in, as though I am plugged into an “electrical” or “energy” panel. I sense that it is just as possible to plug into the flow of all that is “bad”, i.e. dark, sad, judgments, fear, pain, etc. That surely would feel terrible and draining, though, so let’s flip the switch over to good and love, please! Speaking of bad being draining, the good and love are energizing and fulfilling!

OK, so I can almost hear your thoughts asking why would you want to do such an unusual thing or even how would you do it?

First, the why. My first enthusiastic response is because it FEELS so GOOD! Knowing that I add my good and my service into the grid and simultaneously receive good and service feels balanced and easy. Gone is the hard work, the struggle and the frustration. Instead, here is a feeling that my contribution is important and it is easy, pleasant and fun to stay plugged in. And, personally, I like the idea of attracting more of that feeling of easy, pleasant and fun! So, I’m sticking with it.

And, now, how? I do this with a visualization. I use some variation of the following visualization:

  1. Close your eyes and relax
  2. Imagine that you see (or sense in some other way) the earth/universe/God before you (I also see lots of people)
  3. Look for signs of the flow of all energy that is love and goodness (I also see the people with hearts and energy fields glowing)
  4. This may look like the picture I’ve shown in this article, or it may be that you feel the warmth and glow of the flow of love, or you may see it as light glowing around it
  5. Now, focus on your heart
  6. Watch your heart as it begins to glimmer with the glow of your love and service
  7. If you’re having some trouble seeing your heart this way, be patient, it is going to light up as we go along
  8. Then, imagine that you plug your heart, and yourself, into the glowing energy of the earth/universe/God
  9. As soon as you’ve plugged in, you are going to notice that your heart begins to glow more strongly the longer you stay in this image
  10. Now, open your eyes and retain the sensation of being plugged in
  11. See how much of your day you can spend plugged in

Remember to use this visualization as often as you need in order to stay plugged in for as much of your life as possible. I notice that I have more fun and enjoy interactions with most everyone I meet because I connect from the heart before connecting in other ways.

Plug into the love and light up your world!

Coach’s Challenge:

I challenge you to practice this visualization and report back what you notice as you become stronger in your heart connection to others. While this is simple to say, it is going to take commitment to keep it going.

Suggested Resource:

I really love Marianne Williamson’s “A Return to Love” for inspirational thoughts and insights into living from a more loving place within.