What is Your Money Language?

Hand Holding Money

If your money could talk, what secrets would it tell about your attitude towards it?

Would it spill the beans or rat you out about some of the phrases you use?

  • “I can’t afford that!”
  • “That’s a waste of money!”
  • “You’re just throwing good money after bad.”
  • “Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know.”
  • “Rich people are snobs/jerks/evil (fill in the blank with any other negative description).”
  • “I can’t believe that I won $500!”
  • “That price is just a rip-off.”
  • “Who do they think they are charging that much for that?”
  • “I always run out of money.”
  • “I never have enough money to do what I want.”

Each one of these phrases shows something about your beliefs and attitude about and toward money. Also, they show what you believe about people who have plenty of it.

It may take more than a positive and accepting attitude toward money to become wealthy. However, I can assure you that having a judgmental or negative attitude about situations involving money and people who are rich is certainly going to keep money away.

Hand Holding MoneyWhen you believe that rich people are “bad” (insert any negative description), then what would make your innermost being have any desire to be rich? You might say to yourself that you want to be rich and, at the same time, secretly despise rich people. The misalignment between your desire and your judgment keeps you from moving toward people and actions that would bring you money and help you keep it. Note, that many people have gotten lots of money and then lost it in some way. Perhaps, they also had a misalignment between what they wanted and their judgment about people who have money.

In order for you to get what you really want, there must be alignment throughout your entire mind-body-spirit about it. You must believe on all levels that it is possible and that everything about getting it is a positive and wonderful thing. When you feel doubt about what might come with it–extra responsibility, confusion about how to invest it, people banging on your door asking for money, being robbed by financial advisors out to scam you, etc., that doubt could well be the obstacle that keeps you from receiving it. Because, some part of you is actually resisting it and pushing it away.

What do you really want; and how willing are you to accept it with open arms and complete alignment?

Coach’s Challenge:

Schedule a half-hour in your calendar in the next week to work on your money language.

First, take 15 minutes to write down what you really want about money. Be specific about how much you want and when you want it. Clearly describe what you do with the money when you have it. Use as much detail as you can about every aspect. Include things that matter to you. Here are some starting points:

  • Car you drive – make and model
  • House you live in – country, state, neighborhood, street, size, # of bedrooms, pool, sauna, big screen movie room, etc.
  • Clothes you wear
  • Non-profit organizations you support
  • Donations (with specific amounts) you give
  • Foundations you start
  • Colleges your kids go to
  • Trips you take
  • Foreign exchange opportunities for your children
  • Countries you have visited and ones you plan to visit
  • Businesses you start
  • Green or eco technologies you incorporate into your life

Next, think about people you know that have a lot of money or “have it all”. Write down everything you dislike about them. Describe how they act with their money (do they “throw money around like they own the joint”) and towards you and others.

Finally, describe all the things that you like about those same people. What are their positive qualities? What do they support with their money (even if they are supporting the local economy, that’s good, right?)?

Can you see how your attitude about people with money might keep you from going full steam ahead toward becoming wealthy yourself? Then, take some time to change your attitude about money. A good place to start is to change your money language!

Suggested Resource:

One of my favorite books to create new beliefs about money is Catherine Ponder’s book “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity“. You can find it in my AmazonStore. A business owner I know told me once that she believes that everyone who owns a business ought to own that book and use it as a daily reference. She reads a paragraph or page out of it everyday. Interestingly enough, she has a successful salon with plenty of loyal clients!