The Magic of Believing

I’m reading “The Magic of Believing” by Claude M. Bristol for the second time. It’s an easy and inspiring read.

“THE MAGIC OF BELIEVING changed my life. Read it and … any problem can be solved, happiness can be achieved, great rewards can be reaped.” –Phyllis Diller

First published in 1948, “The Magic of Believing” was Claude Bristol’s second book. Here are the titles of other books I found by Claude Bristol.

  • T.N.T.— It Rocks The Earth
  • TNT: The Power Within You

Just to give you an idea of what the book is about, here is the Table of Contents:

  1. How I Came to Tap the Power of Belief
  2. Mind-Stuff Experiments
  3. What the Subconscious Is
  4. Suggestion is Power
  5. The Art of Mental Pictures
  6. The Mirror Technique for Releasing the Subconscious
  7. How to Project Your Thoughts
  8. Women and the Science of Belief
  9. Belief Makes Things Happen

I’m already a believer in the power of thoughts and the subconscious. Much of the early part of the book is a reminder.

In Chapter 2, he describes some experiments which demonstrate the influence your thoughts have on “things” such as dice and hanging needles and the electrical vibrations that can be measured at fingertips.

Chapter 3 describes the conscious and subconscious mind.

“Just as the conscious mind is the source of thought, so the subconscious is the source of power.”

In Chapters 4-7, he gets into the meat of the subject. He shares many stories to help you understand the myriad of ways that people have used “mind-power”. Then, he describes techniques you can use right now. Even though the examples and people described are dated, the ideas and techniques have worked for centuries and can still be applied, today. Best of all, they cost you only your time and commitment!

He describes the power of suggestion: “It’s the repetition of the same chant, the same incantations, the same affirmations that leads to belief, and once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.” What are you repeating to yourself? What are you affirming–making firm–in your mind?

In the art of mental pictures, he talks about “a system of mechanics by which anyone can focus thoughts so that they will penetrate to the deepest depths of the subconscious mind.”

“Everything we have in our modern world is the result of desire. Indeed, desire is the motivating force of life itself.”

His “system” is to first select your strongest desire. Then, get several small business-sized cards. On each card, write a few words that create a “word picture” of your strongest desire. Carry one in your billfold, place one by your bedside, place one on the bathroom mirror and one at your desk.  “Just before going to sleep at night and upon waking in the mornings are highly important moments of the twenty-four hours in which to concentrate upon your thoughts with added force. But don’t stop with merely those two periods, for the more often you can visualize the desire by this method (or one of your own devising), the speedier the materialization.”

The mirror technique is fascinating. You can read many stories and examples of how successful it has been in the book. Here is a brief description of the technique. Stand in front of a mirror that is at least large enough so that you can see yourself from the waist up. Then, stand at attention and breathe deeply “until you feel a sense of power, strength and determination.” Then, look deeply into  your own eyes and “tell yourself you are going to get what you want–name it aloud so you can see your lips move and you can hear the words uttered.” Do this at least twice a day. Add some notes on the mirror with some keywords of what you want. “Within a few days you will have developed a sense of confidence that you never realized you could build within yourself.”

“You wager, think and believe that the other fellow is a fine chap, and that’s what he’ll turn out to be–for never forget that the thing we get back is a reflection or what we project mentally.”

“Long years ago a business executive told me that he got rid of people who were taking up his time by simply repeating mentally to his visitor: ‘It’s time for  you to go, leave now, leave now.’ The visitor would shortly get fidgety, look at his watch or get up from his chair, reach for his hat, and soon be on his way out.”

Always remember that “whatever man can conceive mentally, he can bring into materialization”.

“Faithfully use the cards and mirror technique and you will get results far beyond your fondest expectations.”

Coach’s Challenge:

Today, take one strong desire you have and apply the card and mirror techniques. Let me know how you do!

Also, read this book to get many examples and stories of success. Constant reminders help you stay on track.

Suggested Resource:

You can find a free ebook copy of “The Magic of Believing” at this website which is an edition with some added advertising.

You can find a hardcopy in my Amazon Store here.