Looking Back

As we head into the end of this year, I’m thinking about what this next one’s going to be about. What would I like to create this year? What would I like to look back on in December 2013?

Looking-backI recently saw a posting on Facebook that suggested taking an empty glass jar and placing notes into it for every good thing that happens in 2013. Then, reading those notes at the end of 2013 to relive the good from the year. That prompted me to think about what I’d like to be looking back at in December 2013. It’s an interesting way to think about setting the intention for the coming year.

An important step in planning my intention for next year is to continue clearing space for the new. In other words, sorting through “things” and belongings in order to separate those items that no longer serve me. These are things such as books, papers, clothes, etc. that belong to the past instead of the “now”. I wrote a few weeks back about starting that process and have been working at it bit by bit. In the remaining weeks of this year, I plan to finish this round of it and make a commitment to evaluating “things” on a regular basis, perhaps quarterly.

As I sort, I plan to focus on what I’d like to have in my life in the coming year. Then, find images and words to express those desired aspects to put into a vision board and vision mind-movies.

It’s my intention to make 2013 the year of dedicated and intense visioning, free and clear of obstacles and derailment.

I’ll let you know how it goes! 🙂

Coach’s Challenge

Did any of what I was saying resonate with you? If so, make a commitment to yourself–give yourself the greatest gift–to begin the work to shift that in your life. Let me know how you do with it. Perhaps, we can share part of the journey, together!

Suggested Resource

I’ve filled my Amazon store with many of my favorite and most significant books. These have helped me along the way or have been recommended by others who have found them to be useful. As I think of new ones, I add them. While there is a very small fee that comes back to me if you purchase through my link, my main reason for keeping this “store” is to share with you those resources that have helped me and may help you.

May you find all that you need exactly when you need it…