It’s Coming!

It’s finally here.

What’s here? Let me start at the beginning and make a very long story (about 47 years worth) as short as I can.

I’ve talked with you about the process of visioning to create the life you’d really love to live. I talk to you about it, because it’s what I believe and do myself.

What’s coming is the result of my own visioning of a life I’d like to be living. Believe me, the beginning of my life story was nothing like where I am now or where I’d like to be. I’ll spare me and you the details, because I believe in leaving the past in the past. Why recreate the past with constant retelling of it now?

Watch in the coming few weeks to see my vision for my work come to life in a new way. New biz name, new website name, new web design, new programs and new products. “Your Awesome Life” is coming, soon.

It’s been such an evolving process, I find it difficult to figure out when it began.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt a drive to make a difference. I’ve felt a strong pull towards healing methods for body-mind-spirit (I write it this way, because how can we separate them?), which is why I’ve studied a long list of them. Somewhere along the line, I realized that it was it started as a need to heal myself and blossomed into a desire to help others who have a path through similar past experiences. In other words, people who’ve experienced some of the same things as I have and have a desire to grow past the past and into an improved now and future.

I’m often stopped in my tracks by someone wondering  how I can be and have wisdom, calm, patience and optimism. I’m surprised that some see me as “already there”. It has been a process of evolving through experiences and a drive to reach what I describe as “enlightenment”. Regardless of what others think of that word, to me it means reaching a place where no matter what happens around me and to me, my inner self stays in a place a universal love (in Light) and loving detachment (carrying a “lighter” load). It’s an ongoing process.

What are the benefits of my version of “enlightenment”? Here’s some of what I love about it:

  • patience and peace brought by deep compassion for others brought through insight into the pain that others are experiencing
  • calm excitement and optimism through detachment that allows me to see what’s possible – what’s outside of the blinders created by our past experiences and our current limiting thoughts – what’s even bigger and better than where you are right now
  • patience and calm in what sometimes seems like a storm to others – chaotic or highly emotional situations, for example
  • peace because of seeing a higher truth in situations – what’s the lesson and how can we move through it to reduce struggle and frustration
  • wisdom earned through learning something about myself as a result of interactions and conversations with others – how can I improve myself

I imagine that given enough time and space, I’d come up with even more.

What does all that have to do with my new biz direction?

This “enlightenment” keeps me focused on creating my own awesome life. It just keeps getting better and better, in every way, every day.

I “see” the importance of visioning and how it leads to living an awesome life. I deeply desire to help you live the awesome life of your dreams–not someone else’s version, but your version, in your way, in your timing. I know deep within me how important this can be in your life.

It’s what’s going to change your life and, as a result, change the world. Yes, that’s a tall order, and it’s the way I intend to make a difference.

Keep an eye out for what’s coming! I’ll keep you posted…

In the meantime, while you’re waiting, check out this week’s assignment.

Coach’s Challenge

Are you doing everything you can to bring your ideal life into being? If you think you could be doing more, write down what more you are willing to do about visioning your awesome life. Then, take just a few minutes each week to add in this one more thing. All it takes is a beginning–no matter how small; it’s vital to your happiness and your health.

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