It’s Started!

Your Awesome Life - Oprah quote

2015 has begun!

May this year be filled with love, joy, wealth, and access to all that you require to create and live the most awesome life you desire — truly making this be your best year yet!

For many of you, that quote is going to lift you up and inspire your continued success and awesome life!

And, I know personally that many of you reading this are struggling with a variety of challenges, even in the very moment you read this. Some of you are making tough love choices about family, marriages, and pets. Some are looking for much-needed healing from physical illness or pain. Others of you are struggling financially with job loss, paying bills and wondering how it can ever get better. And, I’ve heard some of you wonder if it will ever get better, because it seems like you’ve been knocked down repeatedly and struggle with the energy to keep going. Even the challenges of keeping yourself on track with your personal and business goals leaves many of you feeling frustrated.

I feel your pain and frustration. And, yes, I mean literally. I have an extremely strong empathic sense that allows me to quite literally feel your pain. And, so many of your hurts and situations are familiar to me because I have been there, too, at many points in my life.

Believe me, I understand at a deep level. I understand the feeling that it might never get better. I understand the sense of impending doom that accompanies so much of where you might be as you read this. I’ve felt loss and grief. I’ve cried and complained and whined and struggled. I’ve doubted and argued. I’ve asked for help and found none. I’ve called friend after friend and had nobody answer when I felt I really needed help. I’ve struggled to pay my bills. I’ve wondered where the money will come to pay my rent or buy food. I’ve had $15 left at the end of the month and been scared about what’s coming next month. It hurts. It’s scary. It’s lonely.

Many of you know parts of my stories because I share them when it seems that it might help you. I follow my inner guidance and know that sometimes telling you my story, and especially sharing the tools I have used, helps you. I’ve helped you calm down from a frenzy of emotion (one client says I talk her down from the ledge) so that you can think clearly and look toward progress.

Your Awesome Life - Oprah quoteMy point in sharing all of this about you and me is to urge you to step aside from all that might be challenging you now and focus on great results. One mantra I use is “I’m positively expecting great results no matter what I see in front of me.” Use that if it helps you. Repeat it at your most challenging times. The goal is to calm yourself down enough to focus on what you can do, right now, to make your life better. This strategy might seem too simple to help with the overwhelming challenges you’re facing. Believe me, though, it is powerful. It only costs your focus and your desire. It requires you to channel your desire into helping yourself–lifting yourself up at the hardest times.

I am actually not exactly certain why these thoughts came exactly today. Why such a focus on challenges at such a powerful time of year–a time that people associate with new beginnings, energy for improvement, starting a new chapter–a time that is ripe with possibility? And, I trust that these words are reaching you when you need them…

Sending you…

For every storm, a rainbow,
For every tear, a smile,
For every care, a promise,
And a blessing in each trial.
For every problem life sends,
A faithful friend to share,
For every sigh, a sweet song,
And an answer for each prayer.

Happy New Year!

Loving you to success,