How Fast Are You

overcome obstacl

overcome obstaclWhen unpleasant surprises happen, how quickly can you get yourself back to feeling happy, strong and on track?

Life is pretty good at throwing us curve balls! Just when you think that everything is humming along smoothly, it can happen that it comes to a grinding halt when the unexpected happens.

If the surprise is a pleasant one, it’s easy to simply keep humming along. If the surprise is unpleasant, it’s usually a different story. Many a great streak of good is stopped in its tracks by something unpleasant.

AND, it can be different!

Sometimes, you may let the unpleasant surprise stop you. Instead, you can choose to regroup and shift into Right Thinking. Right Thinking includes positivity along with possibility and opportunity thinking. Right Thinking is about seeing the obstacle as simply a little pebble along the path. The obstacle stops you for a moment — just long enough to check that everything’s still on track — and then you get moving, again, in the same direction or a modified direction.

How you use the obstacles, and how you let them affect you, are entirely up to you. I’ve had several people tell me that life-threatening illnesses helped them live differently. Because they lived through such an obstacle, they appreciated much of life in new ways. You’ve probably heard some similar stories.

The new way they look at life is simply a choice. There are just as many people who live through those situations and continue to look at the obstacle and seem to stay stuck there.

The difference between these 2 people is what aspects of the situation they have chosen to highlight and notice. You can do the same no matter what size the obstacle.

And, how fast you can switch your thinking and observing to positivity and opportunity determines how happy you are. Long ago, a friend told me that he did self-development workshops because it helped to shorten the time between “being a jerk and realizing that he was being a jerk”. In other words, how quickly could he switch to possibility thinking.

How small can you make that time gap? How fast are you?