How Far Do You Bend?

When a tree is flexible and bends easily, it more easily weathers a storm. The branches, and even sometimes the trunk, sway and bend in the wind. Less flexible trees are more likely to crack in heavy winds.

Windy+TreeSo, too, are we. The more flexible we can be, the more easily we can bend in stormy times, the better our outcomes. When you feel like you are in the middle of a storm — so much business that it overwhelms, demands from many corners on our time, family crisis — your outcome is better when you are flexible. When you easily move this way and that way, you are more likely to manage a barrage coming at you.

We’ve likely all seen examples where someone unbending — unwilling to change — has paid a heavy price. Whether it be a business idea ridiculed at first and later successful or a crazy suggestion that later turns out to be a winner, world history and likely your own history show many such examples.

On the flip-side, being overly flexible makes it difficult to stand up for oneself. Think of the plant that gets pushed over by a heavy rain without being able to right itself after. Being so flexible that you most often let yourself be pushed over is the extreme that brings pain and frustration.

Coach’s Challenge

Can you find a time when you were too flexible and let others or a storm keep you down? How did you get back up?

Perhaps, there are times you can look back to where you had the right amount of flexibility and strength. Think back to those times and identify strategies that you used to remain flexible and, at the same time, upright.

Identify 3 characteristics that helped you weather a storm. Remember those if you find yourself in a storm. Here are a few ideas that might get you started:

  • willing to try something new
  • go within to find your inner strength
  • quickly switch gears when needed
  • quick reaction time
  • watching closely what’s happening and yet being able to take a long-range view at the same time

Keep your inner strength along with the ability to sway with the breeze!