Stop Thinking

Just like a muscle that atrophies when unused for too long, thoughts left “unthought” eventually wither away. Negative or self-judging thoughts that may be common, now, can wither away when you stop thinking them.

How do you stop thinking a thought? I find that it works best to substitute it with a different thought. Whenever you catch yourself with a negative thought, take a moment to figure out which thought you’d prefer. Then, simply make yourself begin to think the new thought.

And, like a puppy learning something new, you may have to re-direct your thoughts many times throughout the day until the new thoughts replace the old habitual thoughts.

Are the benefits really worth the effort?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how intensely do you desire results that are different than those that currently show up in your life? Is a life filled with happiness and love worth some effort?

HappinessSee, the thing is that you can already find happiness and love in your life. You just have to start looking for it and dwelling on the examples of it, no matter how small. And, I get that sometimes life is filled with more frustration or pain than happiness or love. It sure can feel that way. And, I know, with complete conviction, that there is some small light in every life. And, I know, with just as much conviction, that when you choose to look only at that light, the little bit of happiness or love, it does grow to fill more of your view.

Think about looking at a picture on your computer screen. When you look at the whole picture, you see all of it, like an overview. And, when you would like to see some section in more detail, you zoom in on it. Then, that little section can fill the whole screen, if you want it to. And, the rest of the picture completely disappears from your screen. You can do the same thing with your life. You can choose to look at everything, or you can choose to pick a section of your life and zoom in on it so it fills the entire screen of your awareness and thinking. You can choose to take only the uplifting, happy aspects of your life and make them take up the entire screen of your awareness and thinking. Then, the other aspects of your life disappear from your screen.

And, yes, you can live successfully that way, all day long if you choose it.

And, yes, you can avoid the news and live well and responsibly. You can make an even bigger impact on change by being that person that brings happiness and love into every interaction and every relationship and every business deal. You can be the example that others look to for a way to shift their own lives.

Fill the screen of your awareness with positivity, and the benefits are guaranteed to follow.

You simply must be disciplined in your focus. It is actually amazingly simple. And, it feels so much better than the alternative. You get to feel happy and loving no matter what’s going on.