Get More Energy

Do you ever feel tired of the details and daily grind of running your business?

Are there days when you wonder why you’re still in this business? Maybe, it’s hard to remember why you even started it!

Think about the last time you were really excited by something new. Something caught your interest and all you wanted to do was work on that project. You had a surge of energy and got so much done. You worked on the daily tasks as quickly as possible just so that you could get back to working on that project!

How would it be if you could get that kind of energy for your life every day?

One of the keys to that is to spend time getting clear on what you want your life to be like. Doing what I call a Vision Exercise on a regular basis is a powerful step to creating that kind of energy.

When you get really clear on the “why” you want something, the “why” becomes the driver – the passion – for your life. It makes it easier to get up in the morning and stay on track. I like to think of the passion for your dreams as the fuel for your engine. Keep the fuel tank full and you have plenty of fuel to go the distance. So it is with your passion – keep your “passion” tank full of your dreams and desires and you have plenty of fuel to go the distance through your day.

Several months ago, I spent many hours on a detailed list of questions designed to help me become even more clear on my vision. When I was done, I was so excited that I raced through the tasks on my action item list faster than I’d ever done, before. Well, except maybe when I’ve been getting ready to go on vacation and have a long list of things to do before I go. THAT gives a lot of energy, too! The reason I was so excited was because I dug deep within and gave voice to my inner purpose. I realized how deeply I desire to serve others and got clear on the gifts I have been given that help me to serve them. I always knew that – it’s been a driver for most of my adult life, and, yet, writing it down in this format made it even more clear. I got a view from an eagle’s perspective of my life, instead of the view standing in the forest of action items.

Two other things happened after writing it all down.

First, I had gone big and bold in my dreams. So big and bold, in fact, that my inner gremlin got the better of me after a few weeks. The inner gremlin stopped me in my tracks because of fear of stepping into something new and the inner critic that tells me that I am “not good enough” to make it happen. Be aware that when  you get real and honest with yourself and go big and bold, there is a natural reaction inside that wants to keep you right where you are! It happens even when “right where you are” is pretty bad. The known “bad” is often more desirable than the unknown.

Second, after a while, the excitement of the dreams got covered up by the daily activities and sometimes challenges that naturally show up. Even though I have a great dream and goal, the daily activities wear down the excitement after a while. That’s the reason that I recommend – to myself and my clients – doing the Vision Exercise at least once per month. For me, it seems that the energy and passion that comes from doing the Vision Exercise lasts only several weeks. I need to recharge it by creating more detail and clarity around the vision on a regular basis. Then, the energy comes back. Also, by continuing to focus on it, the inner critic gets more used to it and offers less and less resistance over time.

Do you want more motivation and energy in your life? Make the commitment to yourself that you spend time each month on writing a Vision for your life.

Coach’s Challenge:

You guessed it, this week, I challenge you to do a Vision Exercise. Then, put it on your calendar as a recurring event every month from now until forever!

If you need a reminder of what to do, click here for the instructions from an earlier blog post.

If you’re wondering why I keep coming back to this exercise and your vision, it’s because it is SO IMPORTANT! And, I know that most of you – just like me – put it off and then life gets in the way. Do it now! Let us know in the comments on the blog how it goes for you. What did you learn about yourself?

Suggested Resource:

If you like a detailed approach to setting your goals after you know what your vision is, check out this book by Brian Tracy in my Amazon store.

Focal Point: A Proven System to Simplify Your Life, Double Your Productivity, and Achieve All Your Goals” by Brian Tracy