Are You Fresh?

Or, better yet, are you open to fresh ideas and a fresh perspective?

Last week, I attended a workshop. I love to attend workshops to learn new techniques and broaden my perspective. One of my favorite types of workshop is the kind that helps me to expand my belief of what is possible well outside my current boundaries. I am careful to avoid words like “mind-blowing”, because I prefer to keep my mind intact and functional. However, mind-altering and mind-expanding are very welcome!

IdeaThis instructor is sharing some ideas that I already believe. And, thankfully, he is sharing some ideas that are stretching what I once believed and nudging me to go outside my existing comfort zone. It is a bit like turning over fresh soil and bringing fresh life.

Are you willing to root out, unearth and then shift some of your beliefs? When was the last time you looked at what you believe to check if it still applies? Some beliefs are from so long ago, that taking a look at them from a fresh perspective is likely a good idea. It might be a bit musty in there. Air them out, shake them out, and see if they need freshening up.

For example, our instructor wears cowboy boots, cowboy hat, blue jeans and denim shirt to teach. That in itself is a new one to me. Workshop instructors, while there is no uniform, usually wear something else. And, to top it off, he calls himself a hillbilly and certainly has the dialect to match! So, here I sit, challenged to think outside the box I’ve created about how seriously I take people who choose such a different dress. And, the stereotype I’ve carried (and wasn’t even aware of until now) about hillbillies. While his language is simple, what he teaches is well beyond simple. So, here’s a choice I have. I could discount what he’s presenting because he talks and dresses funny. Or, I could open my mind, let go of old garbage beliefs, and learn from a very experienced and successful teacher.

I decided to stay to learn and erase an old limiting belief. Wow! The breath of fresh air in my heart and mind is welcome and invigorating!

Coach’s Challenge

Now it’s your turn. What beliefs or ideas of how the world ought to be or how the world is are you ready to shift? This week, notice something that raises a red flag for you. Then, take a good look at it and see if there is an old idea or old belief that no longer applies. If so, let it go and send it on its way!