Feeling Inspired?

Wondering what to say at tomorrow’s staff meeting? Wishing you could find the right words to help someone through a rough spot? Looking for the best marketing language to create effective social media posts?

When you’re in need of inspiration, what strategies do you use or to whom do you turn for help?

Let’s face it; sometimes your mind is blank and the ideas are nowhere to be found. Often, the Blank Mind Gremlin comes around when you’re facing a time crunch. You have what feels like a million things to do and almost no time to do them in. You need the words and ideas to come quickly, and instead, you find yourself staring at an empty notepad or computer screen — possibly getting more frustrated as each minute ticks by.

I have to say that this happens to me, sometimes, when I think about what to share with you each week. I have a few techniques that work well for me, and I thought you might find one of them useful, too.

First and foremost, I find a way to relax. I rarely get frustrated when the Gremlin visits. I usually have more struggle with the tension of the time crunch. A relaxed mind and body are much more likely to bring you a creative idea. Stress — whether it be from frustration, a time crunch or a fear of looking bad — is a prime killer of inspiration and useful ideas. Stress simply blocks the flow. Ideas are more able to flow or simply pop into your head in a relaxed and, yet, awake and focused mind. A few minutes of meditation or visualization usually puts me back in an effective mind space.

Another method that helps me is to read something that inspires me or simply lifts my spirit. Usually, when I pick up a book or an article, I open right to a page that immediately gives me an idea. What I write usually ends up quite different than what I read, however, the spark came from the words that I read. Whether it’s helping someone through a crisis or creating a marketing piece, experiment with picking up one of your favorite books and seeing what comes up for you.

Something else that can work miracles is to talk with someone about what you’re working on. Often, they can see a solution that’s right in front of you that’s invisible to you. Once they mention it, you are likely to say “oh, what a great idea!”. That can get the ball rolling, and you can finish your task.

I’d love to hear some of the ways that you overcome the Gremlin and get inspired!

Coach’s Challenge:

The next time you’re sitting in front of a task and wondering how to get it done take a moment to relax. Breathe in and out gently and easily. Repeat a relaxing and centering breath at least 2 more times. Then, calmly think about your task and ask yourself what you need to do to complete the task. Wait a few moments for that inspiration. If you need more, then pick up an inspirational book or article and randomly open it to a page and begin to read. Maybe some words there spark an idea. Still need help? Call a friend that usually lifts you up and ask for their help. They may give you just the right words or ideas.

Suggested Resource:

This book is great at working through a block — even if it’s something other than art! Find it in my Amazon store or your local library.

The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron