Fall Cleanup

As much as I’ve wished to resist it, fall has officially arrived! Besides the fall equinox having come, the weather here sure lets me know that fall is here to stay (at least for another 3 months!).

Something about the weather and the energy of fall has me thinking about fall cleanup. Have you every noticed that the energy driving fall cleanup is so different from the energy that drives spring cleaning? In the fall, it feels to me like it’s time to prepare for the inner journey that comes with winter (it’s too cold to be “outer”, so winter drives us inward). Well, at least for those of us that live in climates that have 4 seasons… In the spring, the energy is much more about clearing away what has died in winter and preparing for a bountiful growing season.

That being said, I’m feeling a lot like decluttering and rearranging both inside my office and the house as well as outside in the yard. This past Sunday, I rearranged my office! I was giving it a few days to see how it felt; I like it! I’m thinking this arrangement is here to stay — at least until the next urge to move things around comes along. I used a few basic Feng Shui principles in planning the new layout. Now, instead of facing a wall with my back to the door, I face the open room while facing the door. It feels so much lighter! And, I’ve been working on clearing out some of the clutter that’s grown throughout the busy summer. I’m liking the feeling of having more visual space as well as having more inner space.

I’ve been watching people going through the process of cleaning out their lives, too. Everything from clearing out the Facebook friends list to selling off items in preparation for a move. It reminds me that it’s also time to do some inner fall cleanup. I’m looking at the various projects I’ve added to my “Inspired Actions” list over the summer–it certainly has grown! Are all of those projects really necessary? And what priority would I REALLY like to give them instead of the priority I have been giving them? What dead leaves are ready to be cleared out on that list?

Here’s a thought that arrived by email this morning. It got me to thinking about what needs to “fall” away in order to live this…

On this day of your life, Karen, I believe God wants you to know that they who are all things to their neighbors cease to be anything to themselves.
Norman Douglas said that, and he was right. So do not worry about “what the neighbors think.” Worry only about whether you are being true to yourself.
Think, act, and speak today from the place of your highest truth. About all things. Including your relationship, your life work, your thoughts and your choices.
It is time that you came out of hiding on some things, don’t you agree?
– Neale Donald Walsch (author of “Conversations with God”)

What do you need to rake away this fall to be ready to take full advantage of the reflection that winter is sure to bring?

Coach’s Challenge

This week, take a look at what you might need to cleanup this fall. Are there relationships that need to go? What physical items of yours need to be sent to new homes? What needs to be rearranged in your schedule to give you the breathing room you need? What projects can you easily complete and get off your list? What projects can you simply delete from your list knowing that other things are much more important to you?

Suggested Resource

This week’s resource is YOU. Look within to feel what makes you excited and happy. Then, use that information to make decisions as I’ve suggested in the Coach’s Challenge this week.

To more clarity and a lighter life!