Keep Your Eyes on the Road

When I was learning how to drive, I remember that it was so tempting to check the instrument panel while I was driving to make sure everything was OK and that my speed was under the limit. I remember learning and being told to “keep your eyes on the road”. Literally speaking, it’s a good thing that my eyes were NOT on the road; they’d have been left behind somewhere in Frankfort, Illinois! Well, back to the subject… The advice was to only glance occasionally at the instrument panel and mostly watch the road and traffic.

I was just reading a section in “Psycho-Cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz titled “Glance at the Negatives, But Focus on Positives”. He describes that we must glance occasionally at the control panel, and to look at it continuously “might be disastrous”. We must “focus our gaze through the windshield, look where we are going, and keep our primary attention on our goal–where we want to go.”

When I speak about the importance of staying strongly focused on our vision–our desired destination, people ask me how they can complete their daily activities (which look nothing like the visioned life) and still stay focused on the vision as though it were current reality. In order for the visioning to work, we need to focus on it as though it is already real–so real that we can taste, hear, smell and feel it.

Maxwell Maltz gives a good analogy when he talks about driving the car. We need to keep our eyes on the goal, where we would like to go, and only occasionally and quickly glance at the control panel to make sure everything’s getting done. Allowing the control panel of the current life to take up too much time is going to cause an accident or a wrong turn that could easily keep us from reaching our goal.

Remember to merely glance at the negative from time to time. Then, quickly focus ahead of you and concentrate on the positive goal of where you would like to go.

Coach’s Challenge:

Step on the brakes of your life for just a few minutes. Do it right now. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is your goal or your life vision?
  • How strong and intense is your desire to achieve it?
  • How strongly do you feel the details and experience of it?

If you still need to get clear on your life vision, do the vision exercise. If your desire to achieve it still needs to be revved up, spend some time in your imagination with your vision and get excited about it. Let any fear drop away so that you can easily feel your desire for it. Spend some time each day visioning so that you can strongly experience the details of your vision.

Suggested Resource:


The book by Maxwell Maltz, “Psycho-Cybernetics: A New Way to Get More Living Out of Life” is an old book, and he was an insightful man. This book contains many useful exercises and techniques that you can implement on your own to begin to “get more living out of life”.

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