Energy Clearing

Remote Energy Clearing for people and places

Everything is energy. Every physical object is mostly energy and a little actual matter. Quantum physics has long demonstrated this. It’s relevant when we talk about energy clearing (or energy healing) because it shows us that we are able to shift the energy which then affects matter (i.e. land, buildings, furniture, people, animals, etc.).

My work focuses on identifying the non-beneficial or interfering energies and then using intention to shift and transform the interfering energy into supportive, happy and lighter energy.

I use dowsing as I identify and transform the energy. I connect with the space, remotely, in order to identify the issues. Scientists have called this “entanglement” – connecting with the energy. Research has shown that this connection, or entanglement, can be achieved across great distances.

Sessions are performed either via phone or Skype or in my office, depending on your preference. Contact me for information.

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House Clearing, Property Clearing & Land Clearing

House, property and land clearing are designed to clear negative and non-beneficial energies from the spaces. This includes the land, buildings and contents. Often, the people must also be cleared in order for a property to be cleared (which is included in a property clearing service). Once the interfering energies have been cleared, we must replace it with a new, desired energy. Such “desired” energies include: love, lightness, happiness, confidence, etc.

Symptoms or Reasons to Clear Energy of Spaces:

  • abnormal number of repairs
  • property not selling
  • moving into new home or office
  • delays during repair or construction (or before beginning repairs or construction)
  • feel like something is hanging around or like you’re being watched
  • experience unusual sounds, movements and objects shifting
  • feels heavy or odd
  • physical illnesses
  • feeling uncomfortable in your home or office
  • bad-tasting water
  • animals acting strangely
  • not sleeping well
  • children reporting seeing “things”
  • depression, suicidal thoughts, overly-negative thoughts
  • relationship issues
  • death or other traumatic events in the space (including violence, high levels or anger or other negative emotions)
  • divorce

Benefits may include:

  • improved sleep and feeling more rested
  • improved health
  • people love to visit and comment on how warm, inviting and/or happy your home feels
  • animals acting more calmly
  • children happier and calmer with improved schoolwork and concentration
  • listed property sells quickly
  • feels peaceful and comfortable when at home
  • happier relationships
  • feeling lighter and happier in the space

Clearing People of Non-beneficial Energies

Clearing people of interfering energies is essentially the same process as with properties and physical objects. The main difference is that we also focus on the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental aspects of the person(s). This simply adds additional layers to investigate when looking for interferences.

My work clears the impact that past and present emotions, belief systems, and events have on your current circumstances. It can remove obstacles to your desired life. Releasing the restraints of the past and clearing your energetic blueprint of current and past blocks, you feel energized and freed up to move more confidently in the direction of your dreams.

Symptoms or Reasons to Clear Energies:

  • don’t feel quite like yourself
  • physical illnesses
  • feeling uncomfortable in your skin
  • financial issues
  • not sleeping well
  • depression, suicidal thoughts, overly-negative thoughts
  • addictions
  • procrastination
  • just can’t get moving
  • extended periods of grief (or other negative emotional states)
  • children acting out (or misbehaving)
  • moodiness or feeling like crying (for extended periods or at inappropriate times)
  • relationship issues
  • traumatic events, such as: divorce, death, violence, rape or abuse

Benefits may include:

  • improved sleep and feeling more rested
  • improved health
  • children happier and calmer with improved schoolwork and concentration
  • feel lighter and happier
  • financial situation improves
  • improved emotional and mental stability
  • better life balance and harmony
  • removing addictive behaviors and desires
  • feeling energized
  • improved mood
  • easier and happier relationships

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