What Have I Done For You Lately?

When was the last time you asked your clients or friends and family this question? “What have I done for you lately?”

I was talking with one of my private coaching clients the other day. We were discussing how he could get a better glimpse into what keeps his clients around and which clients might need some extra treatment to keep them around.

He came up with this great question: “What have I done for you lately?” It is absolute genius!

This question reminds us to be clear that our purpose is to serve the client’s needs.

Last week, I talked about WII-FM. Your clients dig you when you give them what they want and need.

And, yet, so many of us only think that we know what that is. I can guarantee you that your own idea of what brings them to you is different than what your client’s idea is. Unless, of course, you’ve already done this exercise! 😉

You see, you know your service and hopefully you’re an expert at providing it. You see the benefits from your side of the table. When your clients come back, they’re on the other side of the table and the view is different from their side. Your client is getting a benefit that is unique to what’s going on in their life.

Here’s an example from my seat as a coach. I may see that my coaching client has an issue with self-esteem. Therefore, I am going to work with them to improve it. It may be that the words “self-esteem” never even come up in the sessions. After a few months of changing their mindset and therefore their view of life, they become more confident. Their self-esteem improves. Usually, this results in any number of improvements in their business — and life. I’m looking at how their self-esteem has improved. Looking from my client’s view, he sees that his income has doubled and he is getting more and better referrals. He loves it! When he writes a testimonial for my work, he’s certainly going to highlight the benefits he’s experienced. It’s unlikely that he’s going to talk about the improved self-esteem that I see.

That’s what I mean about looking at the same situation from different perspectives. An important key is that your clients come back because of what THEY SEE. When you want to help others figure out how they can benefit from working with you, you need to use words that your clients use instead of words you use. For example, few people would hire a coach to help them improve their self-esteem. However, many people hire coaches to increase their income or get more clients. Even though improving self-esteem can result in more income and more clients.

Make “What have I done for you lately?” your new client retention mantra. Report back to us about what you experience.

Coaching Challenge:

Have a pen and paper handy. Then, ask your clients the question: “What have I done for you lately?” Take notes on what they say. Keep a notebook of responses handy near your workspace for those “doldrum days” when you might need a boost.

If you’re really feeling daring, continue the discussion with them by asking “What else can I do for you?” or “What would you like me to do differently?”. Those responses are an opportunity to improve your business.

Suggested Resource:

Check out the “Go-Giver” book by Bob Burg and John David Mann in my Amazon store or your local library. This story gives some wonderfully heartfelt ways to give. If you know someone who is a giver, you can give them a G0-Giver Award at Bob Burg’s website (it is free).