Diamonds Everywhere You Look

Have you heard the story of the 3 blind men who walk up to an elephant and by touching it report back what they experience? Of course, each of them has something different to report, because they’ve “seen” different facets of the same elephant — one feels the trunk, the other a leg and the third maybe an ear.

So it is with every situation or person we come into contact with. The facet we “see” determines how we interpret the experience. And, the wonderful thing is that we get to choose which facet we are going to see.

Do you remember when the corporate world decided to make everyone stop talking about challenges and instead talk about opportunities? Your challenges should be looked at as an opportunity for something. While it might have been painful to have to adjust to that new paradigm, there certainly is value in shifting our paradigm so that we focus on what is working instead of what isn’t.

When your client calls you to complain about something that upset them, you get to choose which facet of that experience you are going to “see” or look at. You might choose to be frustrated because they are complaining. You might also choose to be grateful that they called you to work it out instead of simply disappearing and going somewhere else. How you choose to experience that situation is entirely up to you. Normally, what we choose to experience is more of a habit than anything else. We react based on how we’ve always reacted. We choose something because we’ve always chosen that.

Somehow, I seem to end up at this quote, again!

When you do what you’ve always done, you get what you’ve always gotten. When you want something different, then do something different — or do something differently.

When you choose to view a situation or a person the way you’ve always viewed them, you are going to get the same old results. When you view situations or people as a pain in the neck or a frustration, you end up with more frustration and irritation in your life. When you choose to view it as something to be grateful for or joyful about, you end up with more gratitude and joy in your life.

Ultimately, you get to choose!

Every situation can be viewed from many angles or perspectives. And, in each angle is a gift if you choose it to be so. Each angle is like a facet of a beautifully cut diamond. It’s beautiful from every angle. Depending on the light, some facets sparkle and shine more than others. The situations in life have many facets, some of which bring more value than others. Hold each situation up to the light of introspection and look for all the value you can get from it. It’s always there, no matter how challenging the situation.

You have the choice to use everything to your advantage and create a life that sparkles and shines with all the beauty in the world.

Coach’s Challenge:

Think back to a recent situation that you found unpleasant. Imagine that situation is something you can hold in your hand and turn around and inspect from many different angles or perspectives. See if you can find something about that situation that was beneficial or valuable. Keep looking because there’s always something!

Once you’ve found it, take a few moments to relive the experience and overlay your new awareness as you relive it. Make yourself see the valuable piece as you relive it. And, each time you think of the situation in the future, shift your focus to include the valuable aspect.

Once you’ve created a new habit, you can watch with amazement at how many diamonds are around you. Once you begin to look for them, you realize that they are everywhere you look!

Suggested Resource:

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