Decide and then Go!

Quarterback Deciding on a Pass

Do you have a stack of emails in your inbox about new business opportunities? Are you wondering where to put your financial and time resources to get the most for your marketing dollar?

Like most business owners, you’re probably overwhelmed and unsure of what to do. And, you know that you need to do something to bring in more day spa clients.

Feeling overwhelmed by the array of options and all the decisions that need to be made can be frustrating – or depressing! And, besides the frustration, it usually causes decision paralysis, too!

Decision paralysis is an easy place to end up. It’s also a place that keeps you from moving forward, instead you stay in limbo. Instead of making decisions and getting going, you end up with a stack of emails or notes or flyers unsure of what to do. Then, add on the stress of the calls from all those places you got quotes from that keep checking in with you to see if you’re ready to move forward. Escaping to the beach sure seems like a good choice!

There are people who tell you that you need to analyze everything in detail to make sure that you’re making the “right” decision. I agree that you need to evaluate your options before you make a decision. However, sometimes, a detailed analysis actually tips you into the abyss of analysis paralysis – a place where there are so many details and possible scenarios that it seems impossible to decide which one is best and then you do nothing.

I seem to be talking a lot about paralysis. And, that’s a good way to describe what can happen. Paralysis keeps you from acting. It keep you afraid to decide because you might make the “wrong” decision. Actually, the choice to make no decision and stay put can be more destructive than choosing one option and having to revamp your decision along the way. When you’re moving, you are going to find out soon enough if it’s the right thing. Then, it’s your task to stay flexible and ready to change direction part way through.

It’s takes less effort to redirect a moving ball than it does to get the ball rolling.

It’s usually fear that keeps you stuck – fear of what might happen if you make a “wrong” decision. Honestly, it’s rarely a few “mistakes” that cause a business to fail. It’s usually the habit of waiting too long to change your direction and “re-decide” that causes the real problems. That’s because the habit affects all of your decisions and keeps you from being flexible enough to make a quick change of direction.

Quarterback Deciding on a PassImagine you’re watching your favorite quarterback, and it’s crunch time. He knows the defense is coming to sack him, and he has to decide fast where to throw the ball. Sometimes, he makes a decision that ends up with a perfect catch by the receiver and everyone cheers. And, sometimes, he decides to throw it, and it ends up in a turn-over and the fans groan. He has to be prepared, educated, experienced, and then he has to act fast! So, whatever decision is hanging over your head, do some research, talk to someone who’s done it before, and then GO! Get moving and keep moving. Keep your eyes open and be on the lookout for the “sack”. Change your direction when you notice something’s working out differently than you expected. Most importantly, GO!

What gets in the way is that nasty, 4-letter word that begins with an “F”. And, I mean FEAR! Fear is really the worst of those nasty, 4-letter words because it gets in the way of so many opportunities for success and forward progress. Yes, fear is a valuable thing. It is necessary for you to have fear. When you feel it, you need to stop for a moment and evaluate what’s happening. If you are about to fall of a cliff, then fear is a great tool to help make sure you get back onto safe ground. However, if you are attending a networking event alone with a room full of strangers, then fear is more likely to keep you away from a chance to meet just the right person that could help your business.

Now, go and get the “F” out of your life! Fear that is… Act and keep your eyes peeled for the next perfect opportunity.

Coach’s Challenge:

Write down 1 decision that you’ve been putting off and describe it in detail. Next, write down what you already know – what have you researched, what experience do you have, who do you know who’s been through it before. Then, write down what the worst possible outcome could be. Next, describe what the ideal outcome is. Finally, look at what you’ve written and pick an option. Make a decision, and begin to act on it. Do it now! Imagine that the defense is coming to sack you in the pocket. You have to make a quick decision. Go for it. You can do it!

Note: In order for this exercise to work, you MUST write everything I’ve asked you to do – whether it’s in a notebook or on your computer. Take the time to write it. Then, read it. What you keep only in your head is going to stay confused and exaggerated by your inner fear. You must write it down so that you can look at it more objectively.

Suggested Resource:

When you’re having trouble getting fear out of your decisions, you might take some time to read “Feel the Fear… and Do It Anyway” by Susan Jeffers available in my Amazon store or your local library.