What Is On Your Plate for December?

For me, the onset of winter (I live in Michigan, and we have snow on the ground.) prompts me to “go inside”. I mean to “go inside” for a closer look at what the past year brought and what I’d like to bring in to the next year.

For some businesses, this past year has been full of increases in income and clientele. Yes, despite what “they” keep telling you, some businesses are thriving! In fact, several of my clients are so busy that they are having to update systems and work processes in order to manage all their new clients.

For some businesses, this past year has been full of challenge and stress.

There is one important business aspect that all of them must tackle in order to bring forward their desires for 2012 and beyond. It’s one of my favorite subjects — VISION!

Creating a vision for your business is critical to your success.

With one of my clients, most of our conversations are about holding a positive vision for growth and increased income. And, he does it extremely well. So well, in fact, that his income through the middle of November was already 145% of last year’s annual income. And, he has increased each year since we first started working together in 2009. He spends very little money or time marketing and no money on advertising. How does he do it? He continues to hold his vision clear in his mind. He sets a goal at the end of each year for next year. His goal for this year was to increase his income to 125% of last year. Hmmm… he’s already at 145%. His success even boggles his own mind.

Another client does regular Vision Exercises in which he spends time getting clear on what his mission is and how he’d like his life to look. Each of the last 2 years, he has consistently realized many aspects of his Vision Exercise. The cool thing about it is that not once have his action items been intentionally written to specifically achieve the vision. More on that in another article, perhaps.

If you are feeling like your business is running away from you — either too busy or not enough business, then do yourself the favor of focusing on how you’d like your business to look.

Two areas that I feel are especially important in setting your vision are defining the experience of your business and defining your ideal client.

By the “experience of your business”, I mean the way you feel when you are working and what are the days like. Some examples are:

  • frantic
  • calm and effective
  • fun and filled with laughter
  • how many clients you serve in a day or week
  • how many meetings you have with prospects
  • who else works with you

In defining your ideal client, I want you to describe aspects such as:

  • their attitude towards your staff
  • do they quibble about the bill
  • are they “high- or low-maintenance”
  • are they respectful of your time
  • how do you feel when you are around them

By spending time clarifying your vision, you are setting yourself up for success.  May you make 2012 your best year so far.

Coach’s Challenge:

Go back to this post for the Vision Exercise instructions (in the Coach’s Challenge section). And, do it!

Like Nike says — Just Do It!

Suggested Resource:

This week, I’d like you to spend some quiet time — just you and your thoughts — and focus on what you’ve done well this past year and what you’d like to improve in 2012.

That’s all — your most powerful Resource is right inside of yourself — YOU!