Confidence – Do You Have It?

Confidence is defined as the self-assurance in my own abilities and my own qualities. Do you dare to stand out?

Dare To Stand Out
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In a nutshell, my level of confidence is related to how much I appreciate about myself. Whether it’s my appearance, my skills or the kind of person I am, when I appreciate more and more aspects about my “self”, it gives me more confidence.

We actually do the reverse (of appreciation, that is) quite a lot which makes it easy for most everybody to understand.

If you know someone who’s going through a time where all they can think about is the things they’ve done wrong, the mistakes they’ve made, you can tell that they build all those things up and focus so much on those negative aspects. They focus so much on the things they are “bad at” or “lacking in” that it erodes their confidence.

Join me in today’s video (5 minutes) to learn a powerful strategy to grow your confidence.

Appreciation is such an important key to confidence! Practicing appreciation makes it easier to appreciate even more things about yourself.

Practice this assignment. I’d love to hear your comments about the exercise and how it’s going for you.

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What strategies or tips do you have for increasing your confidence?


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  1. Great video. You already have me thinking about how I can appreciate myself more. When it comes to gratitude and appreciation I have always focused on more external aspects of my life and not much what it is about me that I am grateful for. Looking forward to this exercise and approaching this subject from a different angle.

    1. Glad you found a new way to add appreciation into your life, Erin! Research shows us how important it is on even the physical level. Besides, it just FEELS so much better! 😉

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