How Big Are You Thinking?

Fuel tank image

I’m sure you’ve heard the buzz about “thinking big”. You’ve probably read many ads and articles that encourage you to think big about your life and your business.

You hear so much about it and, yet, might wonder what it really means.

I can already hear you thinking that it’s obvious–it means that you need to make big plans. Instead of wishing that your business is busy, thinking big might mean to think that you’re bringing in millions each year.

While, I agree that thinking big is important, I believe that “feeling big” is vital along with those big thoughts. Do you know what I mean?

When you want something only a little bit, that is you only have a slight feeling of desire for it, you only put in a slight effort to get it. However, when you REALLY want something, that is you have a strong desire for it, you put in LOTS of effort to get it. The factor that determines how much effort you are willing to put in is the strength of your desire or the feeling of how much you want it.

When you hear someone describe something they bought, you might think it sounds interesting and you think you might go and buy it, too. If  all you do is think about it briefly, there is no emotional desire, and therefore, you are likely to forget all about it. On the other hand, when you hear someone describe something, and you feel a strong excitement about it, you are likely to go right out and buy it, too. Again, the factor that determines how much effort you are willing to put in is the strength of your desire or the feeling of how much you want it.

In both cases above, the “feeling factor” is what matters. The reason you need to “feel big” while you are “thinking big” is because of the “feeling factor”. When it is only a thought, it is empty of energy. It is feeling that gives thought its manifesting ability. The strong desire is what makes us willing to put in the effort required to make the “big” thoughts actually come true. Without the desire, the “big” thought is only an intellectual idea which eventually withers without desire to keep it alive.

Fuel tank imageWhen you combine a strong desire with clearly defined thought, you are on the road to success. To actually succeed, you also need staying power. You need to make it a daily habit to feel the desire and bring up the image of the clearly defined thought. Each day that goes by without you doing that uses up the fuel in the tank until it goes to empty and the desire has no chance of being fulfilled.

Instead, fill your fuel tank with constant reminders and repetition of the feeling and thought combined. When your tank is full, you can keep on driving until you reach success.

Yes, fill your mind with big thoughts about your business and your life. Some big thoughts are empty of feeling. When you find the big thoughts that get you excited, you’ve found the ones that you are likely to have the energy to fulfill. Then, make it a habit to spend time each day feeling and thinking those thoughts. Remember to keep it going long enough for it to become manifest. Many of us stop before we get what we want. It takes some time for our RAS (reticular activating system) to believe that we really want it. Once it does believe us, then it takes it some time to get us to the right place and right time for it to come together.

Keep thinking BIG and feeling BIG and give the Feeling Factor a chance to help you get what you want.

Coach’s Challenge:

  1. Spend time thinking some of those big thoughts you have that you’re still waiting to have come true.
  2. For each thought, check in with your feelings and see how exciting it is and how much desire you have for it
  3. Compare the Feeling Factor for each thought
  4. Pick the thought with the highest Feeling Factor
  5. Take some time to sit with that thought and combine it with the feeling and desire you have for it
  6. Once you have a clear image and strong desire, take time each day to sit with the thought and desire
  7. Watch to see what new ideas, books and other resources that come up to lead you to your BIG vision

Suggested Resource:

Check out this 7-1/2 minute youtube video by Mike Dooley: Thoughts Become Things

He talks about the power of your thoughts.