Your Awesome Life Coming Up

So, while we’re talking about thinking big, it’s important to note that there is more to living your ideal, awesome life than simply wishing for something bigger or better. This week, I’ve been thinking about how important it is that our inner self is actually aligned with the awesome life we’d like to be living.

Say I have this great idea of something I’d like in my life–a lovely, quaint flat in Austria for example (one of my ideal life details). If you’ve been reading here a while, you know that I ask you time and again to spend some time detailing that ideal, awesome life of yours. I hope you’ve already spent lots of time writing. If you still need to work on that, check out the Coach’s Challenge here.

OK, so back to Austria for a few minutes. If something in me believes that it is impossible to own a flat in Austria, how likely do you think it is that I’ll actually create that in my life? There are many hidden gremlins inside our belief system that keep us from creating the beautiful, fun things we’d like to have. We  have to transform these gremlins into willing, busy bees working to create that ideal life, instead of gremlins keeping us from our joy.

How do you make sure that your beliefs support your ideal life vision? How do you transform those gremlins into willing helpers?

Here is something that can get you started.

Spend a little time thinking about the specifics of your ideal life vision. When you do that, which parts do you truly believe are possible? Which aspects bring up the little voice inside that tells you “it’ll never happen” or “you can’t do that”? Those areas where the gremlins spoke up with their negative talk are the ones that you are going to have to work on.

The words we use when we talk to ourselves and others are a good thing to listen to. Are we talking about the possibilities and the excitement we have for where we’re headed? Are we repeating all the things we “should” be doing? How much do we talk about what is on our list instead of doing what’s on our list? What words are we using that are signs that we believe we are not good enough? What is your inner monolog telling you today?

“Everything you say is an affirmation. What are you affirming?” [Tweet this]

You’ve heard of affirmations as statements we create that we repeat over and over in order to change the way we feel or what we believe. I’d like to point out that pretty much everything we say is an affirmative statement–a statement to assert that something is valid or true. WHAT we are affirming is really the better question. The statement we make about what is always wrong is just as strong an affirmation (of the negative thing, though) as the statements we intentionally create to bring about positive change.

Be careful what you are affirming!

Look at your words and combine that with what you noticed the gremlins reacted to in your idea life vision. Use some of these ideas to help you transform the gremlins into those busy bees working to create your awesome life:

  • Create an affirming statement to shift your belief about what’s possible in your awesome life
  • Use your affirmative statement regularly in order to begin changing that belief
  • Look for examples in your world where others have accomplished some of those things
  • Find out how those people did it
  • Remind yourself that if someone else can achieve it, so can you

Austria–here I come!

Coach’s Challenge

Go and do the exercise above. Thank yourself later!

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