Avoid this Trap

Have you ever watched what others are doing, and then wondered why their life seems so much better?

I know that I have… More times that I care to remember. It usually results in the pain of feeling “less than”.

Thankfully, it is now quite rare to find myself in that place. I am grateful to the teachers, mentors, friends, books and inner wisdom that helped me move beyond that old and destructive pattern.

Have you ever noticed that when we compare ourselves to others we are usually the loser? What I mean is that we are usually saying “they are better than me” or “look at what they’ve accomplished that I haven’t” or some similar “I’m less than them” phrase. We turn our self into the loser. And, in so doing, we lose our self, our self worth, our self love and a bit of life energy with it.

There is rarely a time when we gain anything worthwhile in the comparison of our self to another’s self.

Apple and OrangeI’m reminded of a quote my sister has shared with me that goes something like this: “don’t compare your insides to somebody else’s outside”. We each have our own journey and our own set of challenges, or as I like to call them “opportunities for growth”. And, we have no idea of what that “other person” feels on the inside no matter what their outside might look like.

I came across this article that has some lovely wisdom about comparison. We are regularly tempted to compare. This author provides some lovely ideas on how to switch up the comparison to something that CAN propel us forward and CAN help us grow.