Avoid Giving Up Too Soon

Do you feel like no matter how hard you try to change your thoughts, you are still stuck? Do you ever wonder when what you wish for is going to get here?

Some people ask me why they don’t get that front-row parking spot even though they changed their thought and visualized that they would get it. One question I ask them is how often they have the “new” thought about getting that parking spot.

The life I live today is the sum total of my past emotions, beliefs, thoughts and actions.

If you have spent most of your life believing anything similar to these statements:

  • Good things only happen to others
  • Bad things come in 3’s
  • Why does she always win
  • I can’t afford it
  • I don’t have enough time
  • When I open up to someone, I always get hurt

you have been filling up your internal bucket with negative or defeatist self-talk.

All of your thoughts and beliefs get piled into an internal bucket. If that bucket is full of negative beliefs and statements, it is going to take many “new” or positive statements to outnumber the negative ones. That is the reason that it takes some time for your life to look like the new thoughts and images that you desire and are working on. Your life is going to look like your old thoughts until the new thoughts have enough momentum and volume to cancel out the old ones. Once you reach that internal tipping point where new thoughts outweigh old thoughts, your life changes.

“Don’t give up 5 minutes before your miracle.” – Mary Robinson Reynolds

Lately, I am getting a deeper understanding that as I upgrade my beliefs and thoughts, I am waiting for my new thoughts and beliefs to catch up to my Now life. In other words, my life stays the same until the new thoughts and beliefs have enough momentum and volume to impact my Now life.

Coach’s Challenge:

Are you waiting for your new thoughts and beliefs to catch up to your Now, too?

Your assignment, this week, is to keep focusing your mind on what you desire and what you are visioning for your life. Keep up the good work! Keep going even when it feels like you are standing still or feel stuck.

Dig out those positive thoughts and that visioning exercise and post them in plain sight so that you are reminded over and over again.

Make sure to give your miracle a good chance (and enough commitment and time) to come true.

Suggested Resource:

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