3 Tips to Keep Clients Coming Back – Part 1

The client that just came in for the first time – are they coming back for more?

Ignore this question, and you leave money on the table.

Hopefully, you already know the importance of this question. You want the answer to this question to be a resounding YES!

Why? Quite simply, because that new client is valuable! You can estimate how much it costs you to obtain a new client by dividing your annual marketing cost by the total number of new clients in a year. It sure is better to have that new client come back – and maximize your return on the marketing investment – than to keep having to get new clients.

Instead of a detailed calculation of your costs and return on investment, I’m talking about the impact on your thinking when you focus on bringing that new client back for more. When you ignore this, you may have a tendency to forget to focus on those things that bring them back. If you keep in mind that you want them to come back, you know that you need to take care of every detail when they’re there – every visit, instead of only the first visit! And, make sure that your staff gets this right, too!

What makes them come back wanting more?

1.      Be attentive

2.      Highest Quality in Everything

3.      Market Research

Be attentive

There are many reasons that people come to you. The core of each reason is that they want something. It’s your staff’s job to make sure that the client gets what they want. This begins with the first time they call, and if you do your job right, hopefully, it continues a long time!

What do you currently do to find out what each client wants? What system do you use to ensure that each staff member understands what that person wants?

At each interaction, your staff must be listening with all of their senses for clues about what the client likes. For maximum chance that the client returns for another visit, you want them to feel special and that their wants matter to you.

It’s really helpful to the staff to have a client database that can track all of the details to avoid the client having to repeat the info – even to a new staff person. Imagine how it feels to come to a place where you feel like they know exactly what you want – that’s an ultimate goal of effective relationships.

For your staff to really get a sense of what a client wants, they need to be able to ask effective questions and be attentive listeners. Listening is one powerful skill that leads to client satisfaction. We sometimes forget that listening requires asking questions that get us the info we need. While listening is really important, we need to make sure that we are asking the right questions, first.

So, listening is more than being quiet and letting someone else talk. Effective listening is active listening. We need to listen between the lines to really hear what someone is telling us. One person’s “trash” is another’s “treasure”.

Oh, and make sure that your staff understands how to speak properly – what to say and what to avoid; how to enunciate; and respect each person’s inherent beauty and value. When people feel that we respect them for simply being themselves, they return the favor. What we send out comes back to us.

Clients appreciate when we are polite and professional. There is no room in your office for jokes or statements that degrade anyone or highlight someone’s faults. Even if we are polite and respectful to the client, if we trash someone else during the session or out in the hallway, they wonder if you talk about them like that when they’re gone. This especially applies to the breakroom conversations. Besides, clients feel the “bad vibes” when interactions are less than great.

An irresistible business is one where everyone is treated with respect, happiness and gratitude. Make sure both you and your staff understand how that works. We all can feel the “good vibes”, and we usually prefer to be around them.

Staying on top of attitude and client relationships really pays off in bringing clients back.